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Hi, I love watching dramas especially Japanese, Korean and Western Drama. Sometimes Chinese too but somehow its hard to find C drama that would suit my taste.  My fav genre would be comedy, adventure, mystery or fantasy. I can't stand a drama that is too sappy or melodramatic and I fall hard for strong female leads that able to stand on herself.  These are my preferences but I always open to other dramas as long they have a good quality story that I can enjoy. 

My Fav Western Drama:

Stranger Things: Cute friendship with a small budding romance and the thrill of the Upside Down world. This series is so epic. 

Supernatural: Lots of angels, demons, spirits, and bromance!!

 Ghost Whisperer: My first western drama. This series is really beautiful. The main lead has the ability to see spirits and help them to pass over. The relationship she has with her husband is also a relationship goal!

 Friends : BFF 

My Fav Korean Drama:

 Goblin: Has the best bromance with a really beautiful story. This drama needs to be watched more than 1 and you will find something new each time. 

 Pinocchio: This drama is truly a masterpiece! I love the fact that this drama does not focus mainly on romance. But this drama focus to solve the problem from the past and overcome your own self. About forgiveness and doing the right thing. Every character was so loveable. You will love even all the side characters. 

Delightful Girl Chun Hyang: This is one of a classic K drama. The couple was so funny and perfect for each other. The smart and strong girl Chun Hyang with the delinquent, stupid but honest Mong Ryong

Gu Family Book: I love KangChi. Really. Who can't love this cute puppy?

I Hear Your Voice: This drama has a lotsss of suspense..... lots of tears but also heartwarming as well.... 

Tunnel: It's very rare for me to watch a series without skipping it and this drama did it. Based on a real-life incident the Hwaseong Serial Killer. This drama has everything from suspense, thrill, comedy and heartwarming. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Every episode is just hilarious! This drama is a definite hit for rom-com. 

Other notable mentions: I'm not a robot, Healer, Dating Agency Cyrano, Flower Boy Next Door and Fight For My Way

My Fav Japanese Drama:

 Mare: This is the first asadora I ever watched. Start from Mare, I became a big fan of asadora.  Foretell the story of Mare, a little girl who hates and allergic to dream. However, she came to realize her hidden passion to become a patissier. 

BOSS: Badass female lead ever. Amami Yuki became my biggest crush ever! The female lead is sooo smart and cool.  The drama was very successful that they made the 2nd season (but they destroy the story in my opinion).

Emperor's Cook: Based on a real-life story. The story is heartwarming and the food looks very delicious! I think this is one of the best performance of Takeru Satoh

Emergency Interrogation Room: Amami Yuki x Crime again. What can I say?? In addition, there are soo many cool oijisan-tachi There are 2 season and both are just wonderful... I'm hoping for 3rd.

Doctor X: The main lead is so cool... A very talented female surgeon doctor which refuse to get involve with work politic and focus mainly in gaining her skills. This has 5 seasons already and for a very good reason to keep on going. 

Gegege no Nyobo: Based on a real-life story of the wife of Gegege no Kitaro creator's wife. This asadora is very heartwarming and charming in a lot of ways.  This pic below is the real person. 

Mr. Brain: I think this has a potential to be the best crime drama but they end it abruptly and without any clear conclusion. 

Other notable mentions: Bitter Blood, Hanakimi (HoriMaki), Gokusen, Q10, Nigeruwa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, Nodame and Momikeshite Fuyu

My Fav Mandarin Spoken Drama:

Journey to the west (96,98): This drama would always be number 1 for me. It has a lot of memories of my childhood as well and the monkey king is just tooo cuuute and loveable.

Nirvana in Fire season 1 and 2: This show is just beyond words. It's incredible! There are a lot of smarts characters. Not only men, even women are all powerful, smart and independent in this show. The story tells not only about love with your lover but mainly about love your brother, friend, family, and country. Season 1 especially has a very exceptional character, Lin Shu aka Mei Chang Su. He is the most clever character ever!

Fated to Love You: This is the only show which always succeeds in making me cry. 

Princess Pearl: This old drama was very successful and was the start for the famous actresses like Ruby Lin, Vicky Zhao, and Fan Bing Bing. I also fall in love with cheerful and troublemaker princess Xiao Yan Zhi. She is adorable.

Romance in the Rain: Another brilliant collaboration between Ruby Lin, Vicky Zhao, and Alec Su after their performance in Princess Pearl. This drama is very intense with a lot of angst. The story was based on the novel by the same writer of Princess Pearl

Prince Who Turn Into a Frog: I watched this because of Thang O. XD

Ten miles Peach Blossoms: This drama has the best environment settings that I ever have seen! Especially the ten miles peach blossoms. It's just beautiful!


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