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                                                                               Hey you! Welcome to my page~


                                                             Romane | 20 | France | Feel free to message me 

                                                                 insta: __maybysdie               twitter: maybysdie


                                                                                    Favorite actresses (in drama):


                       Shin Hye            So Ra            Sung Kyung        Go Eun              Hyo Jin               Ye Ji                    IU


                                                        Bo Ah                Suzy            Min Young          Ji Hyun               Ki Joo

                                                                                        Favorite actors (in drama):


                    Kang Joon      Kang Woo      Yeon Seok       Jae Wook             Ah In            Do Hwan           Se Jong


                                                    Woo Bin          Jang Hyuk           Junho              Ki Yong            Jong Suk

                                                                                   Favorite drama : Chicago Typewriter



                                                                           Favorite female characters in Dramas:


       Lee Ji-an (MM)        Go Hye-ran (Misty)     Baek In-ha (CITT)       Oh Soo-hyun (DS)     Im Sang-mi (Save Me)

                                                                            Favorite male characters in Dramas:

  Baek In-ho (CITT)    Dong-cheol (Save Me)   Han Se-joo (CT)     Lee Sung-joon (Duel)   Yoon Na-moo (CAHM)

TOP 10 OST :

  1. When Night Falls - Eddy Kim (While You Were Sleeping)
  2. Black Sun - Se So Neon (Return)
  3. Who Am I - Hui (Bad Guys: Vile City)
  4. Amen - Damiano ft. Jenyer (Lookout)
  5. I'll Do It Every Day - Joo Young (Wok Of Love)
  6. Satellite - SALTNPAPER (Chicago Typewriter)
  7. Dear Moon - Jehwi (My Mister)
  8. Be My Light - Kevin Oh (Chicago Typewriter)
  9. Nightmare - Mad Soul Child (Duel)
  10. Sunset - Sanchez ft. Jindoggae (Bad Guys: Vile City)

                                                                                     Favorite Couples (drama):


            Jo Ji Ah & Kim Min Kyu (I'm Not A Robot)                 Jeon Seol & Han Se Joo (Chicago Typewriter)


                                                                           Choi In Ha & Choi Dal Po (Pinocchio)


Ha Moon Soo & Lee Kang Doo (Just Between Lovers)       Chae Yeong Shin & Seo Jung Hoo (Healer)


10- PERFECTION, a drama that was well written, with good actors and that I can rewatch anytime.

9,5-9- Really good! Enjoyed it a lot.

8,5-8- Great but had some little imperfections, or had a good beginning episodes and a bad ending episodes (or the opposite)

7,5-7- Average, not bad but not good as well, just so so.

7-5,5- Bad, but I've seen worst.

5-3,5- Really bad, it took my precious time.

3-0- Wtf did I just watch? If I finished it then I must be crazy.

Kpop Group That I Stan:

Girls Groups:

                                                                            Red Velvet (bias: Joy / bias wrecker: Irene)                 


  •  Black Pink (bias: Rosé / bias wrecker: Lisa)
  • ELRIS (bias: Yukyung / bias wrecker: Bella)
  • Mamamoo (bias: Wheein / bias wrecker: Hwasa)
  • WJSN (bias: Cheng Xiao / bias wrecker: Bona)


Boys Groups:

                                                                   Monsta X (bias: Minhyuk / bias wrecker: Wonho)


  • Big Bang (bias: GD / bias wrecker: Taeyang) 
  • Winner (bias: Mino / bias wrecker: Seunghoon)
  • BTS (bias: Jimin / bias wrecker: Taehyung)
  • NCT (bias: Jaehyun / bias wrecker: Lucas)
  • Pentagon (bias: Hui)
  • Stray Kids (bias: Hyunjin / bias wrecker: Felix)
  • ASTRO (bias: Eunwoo)
  • Highlight (bias: Kikwang)
  • Block B (bias: Zico)
  • SF9 (bias: Rowoon / Taeyang)                    

I also stan many other k-artists like:

Zico, Taemin, GD, Hyukoh, Paul Kim, Taeyang, Hyuna, Hyorin, Heize, Yezi, IU, Jay Park, Dean, Bobby, Sik-k, Tiffany, Junho, Dumbfoundead, Keith Ape (...)


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