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Seo Yul's Office


Seo Yul's Office

Hello, I'm Mint! 

I usually watch Japanese and Korean dramas. I'm not that good with giving rating because I always feel bad rating something below 5. 

A guide to my rating :

6 - 6.5 – most probably an "okay"  overall experience but something made me disappointed or disliked it a bit.

7 - 7.5 – alright, nothing phenomenal.

8 - 8.5 – I enjoyed it! :D

9 - 9.5 Amazing!! :D Most likely has at least one memorable character that I like.

10 - Super fave. All my love for it. By no means it's a perfect drama but I enjoyed it from start to finish. Most probably it makes me feels a lot of things that I might not be able to explain.

Most probably it'd be like this. But I don't know either. Sometimes I forgot how the drama was. Rating system is not for me :(

I enjoy comedy and slice of life/human dramas, lovely characters and strong friendship, rom-coms and supportive relationships. oh, and cute people.

This year, Seo Yul is the cutest.

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