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Misao Wakamiya

Copenhagen, Denmark

Misao Wakamiya

Copenhagen, Denmark

I use the name Misao Wakamiya Online

My real name is Pernille and i'm from Denmark.

I don't quiet like to write about myself, but you could say i live a normal life i guess. I love watching dramas.
Having same or different thoughts about shows is something i find funny to chat, talk or think about.

I do prefer watching happy endings though exceptions  is a few. Koizora and I give my first love to you had a big impact for me as a teen for personal reasons and they still have a special place in my heart.

The romantic feeling you have from the performance of the story in Koizora is very well performed and i liked the movie because of that romantic feel.

I feel it funny to relate to things from movies or dramas and i find myself in some of the situations too which is kinda frustrating sometimes if not embarrassing.

My watching list is a mess and i'm constantly trying to keep it up to date.
I started to rate shows and movies two years ago but only some which means that some shows i just haven't marked as finished yet or rated or even moved.  I log in everyday to make it look better and better, but its not perfect yet.

My ongoing list is what i think to myself could be worth a watch and if i have some of them finished already i'm thinking of writing a note for it again it's a mess and i'm sorry for that.

I love listening to K-pop my favorite band is Big Bang and it has always been GD i looked up to in many ways and one day i will see them live!
Apart from Big Bang and GD
I like Shinee, Taemin (whom i also look up to like GD)

Btw. I'm 24 and i still hate to write about myself it's boring, but i guess it's normal and in the future i might get more used to it.. I hope.


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