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Dramalandia and Animelandia


Dramalandia and Animelandia

I'm so glad to stumble upon Kdrama,Jdrama and Tdrama to fill my days up with the cute-ness, lovely-ness and

all the stuff drama-landia can offer!

I am always generous in rating my drama. If you check my drama list, you will find out that I rate drama very high. It is all because of my enjoyment while watching it, no other reasons at all. I have not study any cinematography, scripting or directing so I believe I don't have the right and I wont dare to be a critique of a certain drama.

10 - I really enjoyed the drama/movie, it either made me fall in love all over again, made me cry out of frustration, didn't allow me to sleep in thinking what could be the next scene or it made me laugh hard with the perfect ending!

9-9.5 Experienced everything of the above but made me confuse in the ending or its totally unacceptable ending for me ( you know how it is in dramaland, when you thought you had it all figured out and the writer go ahead and messed it up you want to curse her)

8-8.5 Fairly enjoyable, there are some loopholes but still entertaining.

7-7.5 This would be the drama that gave me a hard time to swallow some plot line or acting from actors. Sometimes it makes me fall asleep but still tolerable.

6 and below - Its a drama I regret watching but since i have started it, i will finish it. I barely drop drama unless I felt bored by it AND something important happen in my personal life that tolerating it would be stupid.So I would drop it and just go back watching drama next time.It is sometimes the reason of my drama slump. (That bad huh?!) yes that bad, so why not give it a 1 or 2 rating? because I always consider the efforts of staff. I know my ratings of drama doesn't really affect them but what if a part of their staff saw my ratings and took it to heart and got discourage in er work? lol.... I am indeed overly watching dramas. Anyways, I want to practice positive encouragement and appreciate the very art that fills my days.

Happy watching Chingu!!


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