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The Princess' Man
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Jun 13, 2012
Overall 10.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
If I have to describe this show in one word that'll be, MASTERPIECE. I have seen nothing like this before though the whole premise is about the undying story of Romeo and Juliet but there is much better told than that! It is a star-crossed lovers that happened in the time when you can't opposed to your parents. What set this apart from the previous set of stories and dramas that were already out there is the whole story-telling. Everything is like a poetry! I love every part of this drama! In the acting category, I don't have complaints since all of them can deliver and not just a one dimensional character. Though at first, I thought PSH is not suited for the role since he has the very white complexion and pretty face but turn out he carried the drama till the end with effectiveness. MCW is pretty much suited for sageuks costume in my opinion. She is so beautiful and I love her character. How she stood up for what she believes is right and not just becoz she loves the moan more than her life. So everyone else is just perfect! Music wise, This drama Ost is my favorite. I think what makes this drama really effective and theatrical-like is the Ost! The timing of the music is really perfect. Truly suited for the scene. I love the Ost to bits that I downloaded a drama OST for the 2nd time (being SKKS the first) For being rewatched. I rewatch this drama more than twice and I can still feel the intensity of the drama. And some of my friends in twitter feels the same way too, They re-watched it atleast twice. For me this drama is the best kdrama not only in 2011 but the whole history of the kdrama!
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