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United States


A Bit About Me: I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and am an artist.
I like a variety of drama genres, but rom-coms are definitely the majority. I think the only genre I completely write off are police procedurals, I'm pretty sick of those. I mostly watch Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas, but if anyone has any recommendations from other countries I would love to check them out.  Recommendations for good Filipino dramas WITH english subtitles are particularly welcome as I need to practice my Tagalog before I visit there next year.

How I became interested in dramas happened in a roundabout way as I was introduced to Kpop first, but didn't really get into it - then became obsessed with dramas - then finally got into kpop!

A friend of my sister's was obsessed with a korean boy band -
Her: I must show you this amazing band and their music video 'cause they are so hottt!!!
Me: I have drank much champagne, do with me what you will!


The video was SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, which I thought was quite nice even though it had too much auto-tune.
We then proceeded to watch the first episode of SHINee's Hello Baby!


And that's it. I totally forgot about it until months later when I was bored and wanted something to watch. I really couldn't remember much about it so I used my Google-fu (seriously I am so skilled in searching the internet), slammed through the episodes one after another, and spiraled down into a SHINee obsession and an eternal Shawoldom allegiance.


At this point SHINee is all I knew of Kpop and I wasn't really interested in more (SHINee was all I needed, lol), but I was interested in watching more Korean shows...and discovered the world of asian dramas! My first was My Name Is Kim Sam Soon because it was so highly recommended on many different sites and it certainly remains one of my favorites. I soon expanded into Jdoramas (Hana Yori Dango being my first) and Taiwanese Dramas (Devil Beside You). Dramas are now totally my obsession and I wish I knew more people in real life who watched them because my friend's never want to talk about it.

Sad Sigh...but thankfully there's mydramalist where I can obsess to my heart's content so feel free to friend me! 


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