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CHALLENGES: I challenge myself yearly to complete 50 dramas from that year. 

(2020)(2019)(2018)(2017)(2016) *I need to update this.

WHAT I DO: I am a member of the Trailer Team on MDL, an Ex-Viki Segger, worked with EXOLUSA and a contributor to editorials.(1)(2)(3)(4) I mainly screencap dramas now.. Over 10,000 pictures on my tumblr. *link at the bottom

MY TIMELINE: I have been into Anime since 95, Japan since 99, Korea since 04, Taiwan since 12, China starting 2014 and started dabbling in others the last couple years. I want to get more into Thai and Filipino dramas so any suggestions would be loved.

BIASES / OTPS: Kpop/Jpop lover, I watch varieties because of this and love everyone.. but I am tickled pink when I hear the word bromance. PS. My varieties will not be included on my watch list here.

Korean: Jaejoong & Xiumin & Yoseob & Jimin  ~OTP: Xiuhan & Yunjae <33333

Japanese: Satoshi & Yamapi & MatsuJun ~OTP: Ohmiya & RyoPi <33333

Taiwanese: Jiro Wang <3

My Actor BIAS List would crash this website. So I am not listing any. I love almost every male lead in the dramas I watch and crush like a 15 yr old over 2nd male leads..


Korean: Coffee Prince / King and the Clown

Japanese: Nobuta wo produce / Moon Child

Taiwan: Autumns Concerto / Secret

PERSONAL LIFE: My mother lived in Japan when she was younger so I grew up around many Asian cultures. I have friends and family from all over the world and love to learn more about other cultures as well as trying all the foods I can. I have traveled coast to coast in the us and plan to try outside these boarders next. I tend to like male singers more then females but that is just my preference since I don't like a lot of female concepts. I do read the occasional fanfic and maybe write one or two.   





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