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l y l a

repeatedly listening to CrudePlay

l y l a

repeatedly listening to CrudePlay



░░I think alot, but I don't say much ░░

It's a rainy day
It's too early for us to break up
Why Why Why
Left all alone at dawn
I feel so down down down

I need an umbrella
I won't get better with half-hearted comfort
I'm trying to endure
But if I start crying, I don't think I can stop

Time goes so slowly
But your footsteps going away are so quick
Oh right now
If this is a dream, I wanna wake up

░░ jimin and japanese movies are my everything ░░

started watching jdrama in 2014
kdrama in 2015
others in 2016/17

    who im obsessed with atm


                   i love dark, sappy stories              


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