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The Void


The Void

Seasoned Drama Watching Professional.

Fluent in Korean dramas with intermediate skills in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese dramas. Has dabbled in the Thai-vers but hasn't made much progress yet. 

About my rating system: 

★10 - Perfect (to me) in every aspect. Loved it immensely. Can re-watch forever.
★9 - Nearly perfect with very few flaws. Loved it immensely. Can re-watch.
★8 - Really, REALLY good. Love it. May re-watch (in some cases, this is a 10 drama that just had a sucky ending)
★7 - Overall good, I enjoyed it, but it was flawed in ways I can't ignore and fell short of what it could have been
★6 - Mostly good, with some apparent flaws and a story I felt could have been much better (I was also probably bored at times). Also possibly a little too angsty (makjang) for my taste.
★5 - Very average, didn't really enjoy it all that much but stuck it out for the (few) parts I did like
★4 - Forced myself through banking on very little (must have been some potential throughout part of it) overall it was terrible
★3 - Forced myself through because I was already too committed. Really regret wasting my time and I do not recommend it at all but it still must have started with a little potential.
★2 - Clawed my eyes out and moaned and groaned the whole time. Awful.
★1 - Absolute waste of time with no redeeming qualities and story/characters I came to loathe.

(Will update this profile more later when I think of something clever to say...)


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