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Somewhere in my ecstasy!


Somewhere in my ecstasy!
The Way Home
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by raiona

Sep 1, 2012
Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
Dedicated to the grandmothers everywhere… "The Way Home (Jibeuro)" could easily be called the best Korean film of 2002! It's a story of a 7-year old boy Sang-woo (Yu Seung-ho) who is left in the care of his 77-year old mute grandmother (Kim Eul-bun) in the countryside, so that his mother can go job-hunting in Seoul! When you'll see this movie poster with a cute toothless grandma with an equally cutie-pie looking grandchild putting their hands on each other's shoulders smiling TOTALLY ADORABLY at you, it won't take seconds to make you go grab your popcorn and turn off the lights to watch this movie sitting in front of your PC (at least, it was successful enough to make me do so)!!! The first reason to like this movie is to prove that you have a HEART! The second reason comes from the actors themselves! I was wrong about the poster…this kid is DEFINITELY NOT some sweetie pie! The country lifestyle comes as a bit of shock to the videogame-playing-hyper-spoiled Sang-woo! Frustrated by his new home, Sang-woo begin to lash out, which includes calling his grandmother a 'retard'! Kiddo's selfishness will make your hands go ga-ga to give him couple of slaps, but if you have patience on the level of Granny's, the payoff is BIG!! Without the benefit of dialogue, Granny's weathered face & simple expressions give her character an air of quiet dignity, stoic determination, and unwavering love! There'll come times when you'd want granny to give that brat some spanks with her walking stick but her patience will make your soul cry…she gives her grandchild tons of love worth more than things he could ever want for!! Obviously she can't talk…but, instead of noise, her life is filled with beautiful views that she watches silently, absorbing the beautiful still calmness that her mountain home gives her! Granny ROCKS!!! And, the third reason to like this movie is its contrast of silence with the scenery…think of calling this movie BORING, you'll see the wrath of heavens!!! I don't know if the ending made me feel disappointed with the kid or not! But, definitely, the one who ended up taking my heart away was the 77 years old grandma! Have to say…after watching this movie I really missed my enni (read granny!)…I swear, you'd agree with me that being a grandmother must be a thankless job after watching 70 minutes of ungratefulness!!
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