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[color=#ff33ff]HELLO :D:D
... and welcome to my profile^^

About me:
Name: Rin
Age: 22(23 next year)
Gender: Female(duh xD)
[color=#ff33ff]Living: Sweden(at the moment)
Born: West part of Sweden

My favourite things = Johnny's Entertainment :D
Number 1 = KINKI KIDS
Number 2 = V6, TOKIO, SMAP, Matchy-san, Hikaru GENJI, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Arashi, Shounentai, Kanjani8 :D
Favourite things(other) = watching drama(Japanese ONLY), driving, playing video games and more^^

My favourites in the Johnny's groups are;
KinKi Kids: Koichi(but Tsuyoshi is just tooo funny so love him too BUT Koichi is first xD)
V6: ALL of them ^^;; Seriously, hard to choose here .___. Go is awesome, Ken is a cute idiot, Okada too cool and awesome actor, Nagano and his love for food, Sakamoto being bullied all the time is too cute and then of course the funniest and most idiotic person Inocchi xDD <3 Can't choose ^^;;;
TOKIO: All as well xDD <3 Laugh my ass off when I see them on TV and can't really choose ^^;;
SMAP: Nakai, Shingo and KimuTaku is top and then Goro/Tsuyoshi beneth that. I like Goro and Tsuyoshi as well but this time the other 3 is actually above them ^^;;;
[color=#ff33ff]NEWS: MASSU^^ <33333333 But Tegoshi isn't too bad as well but sadly enough Massu is my Number 1 in NEWS *____* <33333
[color=#ff33ff]Tackey & Tsubasa: Tsubasa number 1 and then Tackey^^ Tsubasa is most because of his dance and personality^^ However if I have to choose when it comes to actor skills Tackey is number 1 :)
[color=#ff33ff]Arashi: 1. Ohno(<333), 2. Aiba, 3. Sho-chan, 4 Nino, 5 Matsumoto-san. I still though have trouble choosing between Ohno, Aiba and Sho ^^;;; I love them on TV and all that so really hard to choose but since I just can't get over Ohno's Maou drama, his dance skills and all I think I must say he's Number 1 <3 Also I'm scared of Matsumoto-san ^^;;;
Kanjani8: Yokoyama! :D Okura, Yasuda and Subaru are not that bad either but I think I prefer Yokoyama with his laugh and humour xDD

KinKi Kids <333333333
Ohno *___* <3333333 LOVE his weird faces x''''DDD
OMG MASSU WHY U SO CUTE??????????(nosebleed)
Shingo crossdressing, god I love this guy xDDD <333
V6 <3333333333333333333333333333333 Idiots as always xDD <33
Also forgot to say but I L.O.V.E Becky *______* <33333333 Same with other atresses and actors as well^^ Eikura Nana, Maya Miki, Kuroki Hitomi, Abe Hiroshi, Watase Tsunehiko and maaaaaaaaaany more ^O^

If you love drama and Japanese actors/actresses as much as I do feel free to add me as your friend :D Would love to chat more with Japan fans^^
(I'm NO Korean fan so Japan ONLY please^^)



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