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  • Last Online: Oct 8, 2017
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Well, gee... I almost never know what to write in these kinds of sections... 

The basics: My name is Sam Flow from Atlanta, Ga. Im currently a student trying to claw my way out of college. Im a woman, if you're wondering.

I signed up for this site a while ago, thinking that I found another source to watch my Asian shows. I was wrong. I later found out that this site helps you keep track of all the shows/movies you've seen or want to see. My reaction: "Wtf?!I dont need this b.s site." I was wrong about that, too. I have seen many, many, shows & movies, whose names I cant remember = ( 

(Look at that smile! Unf!)

American/English Shows:
Hannibal (it ended)

How to Get Away With Murder


Minority Report



Orphan Black (on hold)


Feel free to contact me via MDL or on my Tumblr-  Im kind of lonely on Tumblr to be honest, sooooo maybe I can get a "hey" once in a while = )

Problems bothering me this year (2014):

This has been bothering for a few yeas actually, but even more so this year. Why is it that when an unpopular show begins to get subbed, its always by subbers who suddenly become too busy in life to complete the show or takes an entire year to sub 10-20 episodes?! I love my subber groups cause I can only speak English. But Im referring to those who release slooooowly or drop the project entirely. And then, when u ask them to sub another show (after waiting for a good amount of time), they get hissy, cant take the stress, & say " Since im not appreciated, Im dropping the show!" Pfffffft, that was your plan all along >______>   **Sorry for ranting***

Problems bothering me this year (2013):

  1. Has anyone else been disappointed with the new dramas thats been airing? Ive dropped like SIX or more shows because their plots became easily pointless!
  2. There's been an increasing amount of members making rude and unnecessary comments on editorials and drama/movie pages.((EXAMPLE Here)) Some of those comments belong to relatively new members. I understand if you LOVE that specific show/movie. I can also understand that if you're one of those people that dont hold back what they say. But come on!! You guys were raised better than this! Those SAME polite manners you practice in life are the SAME manners you practice on the internet. And if you dont use exercise good manners in your daily life, then learn. No one wants to be around a butt hole. Everything is a lot more fun when you're respectable to each other. 


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