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Ahjumma- (hangul:아줌마)is a korean word meaning aunt literally, however, it is used for calling the name of married woman, which generally refers to women who are middle-aged or older, and working-class.


We greet you enthusiastically with arms wide open!


Hello all you wonderful people of MDL! We hope you find us ahjummas friendly and happy! We will do our best to answer your questions as openly and honestly as we can. We may be older, but we have the same loves and frustrations as anyone when it comes to watching drama. If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to send a PM. Also, feel free to check out our drama recommendations under the lists tab. There, you will find recommendations from not only us, but past ahjummas as well. 

So go ahead and ask away! 

About the Ahjummas:

*City Ahjumma is a wife and mother who spends most of her time talking to herself and laughing at her own jokes. She enjoys all forms of story telling, loves music, (including K Pop), likes to write and is still slightly shocked when her kid listens to her.

*Little Ahjumma is a stay at home mom who lives in the countryside. Since there is nothing to do besides listen to the cows moo, she has become a certified drama addict. Her taste is very versatile, but she tends to watch Korean and Taiwanese rom/coms the most. Biggest Weakness: Flowerboys. She is in charge of putting each episode together and managing the feeds. Often represented by a Mobile Yakult Ahjumma.

*Nihon Ahjumma is a mother who likes to claim that her obsession with Japanese entertainment is for language-learning purposes, but can't truthfully deny being a full-fledged fangirl, too. ;) She's excited to discuss all things J-drama with anyone who'll listen, and looks forward to your questions!

*Bookish Ahjumma is a BookStore owner - Explorer /Traveller - Reader and deep appreciator good Drama's -globally!


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