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So. California


So. California

(updated 8/14/2015)

DRAMAS:  I have watched more dramas from S. Korea than from other countries  the reason being that there are so many produced each year and they are so easy to find on the Net.   I also enjoy Doramas and am glad to see that J-dramas have gained a wider audience.  Although I am a Taiwanese-American, I have watched only a couple T-dramas … the reason being that too many of them have the background music so loud that it drowns out the dialogs.  

MOVIES:  When I first wrote this Profile, I indicated that I was more into Dramas than Movies.  After more than 6 years of watching almost exclusively Dramas, I now turn to Movies more often as a "break" from ....


Since I am definitely one of the older Ajummas here at MDL, I no longer have the energy nor the patience to stay with a drama if I find myself not enjoying it.  I do drop dramas based on how much I enjoy them and not necessarily on their “worth.”  Having said all that ... a good story, the calibre of acting and consistency in character development are still important to me.  A good drama still has to “read” like a well-written book.

My Scoring Criteria --

"10" -- Dramas which I can still remember almost in great detail months, even years, after watching … has the Wow! Me! factor … superb acting by the whole cast ... fast pacing ... a tightly written story ... no inconsistency in character development ... good camera work and music.

"9" -- Dramas I enjoyed from beginning to end but without the Wow! Me! ... superb acting by most of cast ... good pacing of story with "fillers" that have some relevance to the main story, but not really necessary.

"8" -- Dramas I enjoyed … BUT the drama have "fillers" that contribute very little to the main story ... very good acting by most of cast … some inconsistency in character development.

"7" -- Dramas that have too many "fillers," but interesting enough for me to finish  some FFd'ing.

"6" -- Dramas I finished with much use of the FF button ... sometimes even skipped to the last 2 or 3 episodes b/c the plot was interesting enough that I had to know the ending.

"5" and below -- not worth spending anymore time … no longer cared about the story or any of the characters -- these dramas end up on my Dropped list.


     Jewel in the Palace -- the drama which introduced me to K-dramas (Sept. 2009).

Beautiful Rain

     Beautiful Rain -- not the first Dorama watched, but the most memorable one, the one that truly touched my heart.

Since I have the Apple TV, I have not watched any "Live" TV Program for over two years now … no time and no interest.  My pace of going through Dramas and Movies is slower than most MDL members, watching TV only 2-3 hours daily … I also watch Running Man and Return of Superman "for a change."  In addition, Apple TV offers channels like PBS, Smithsonian, National Geo … and, I watch programs on those, adding more variety to my TV viewing.  And, let me not forget Youtube!

I also enjoy watching Animes every so often ... there are many websites with long lists of available animes.

Lastly, I also enjoy reading although not reading as much as I used to before computer and Asian D/M's.  Since I have listed some favorite dramas and movies, I also want to list some of my fav books here:

To Kill a Mockingbird

A Tale of Two Cities

Native Son

The Count of Monte Cristo (read this 3 times!)

Anne of Green Gable

The Last Days of Dogtown

One True Thing


And Then There Were None



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