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It Started with a Kiss
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Feb 24, 2014
Overall 2.0
Story 4.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
After episode 10 rolled around it hit me: I did not want to suffer another episode. Maybe if I didn't know how this series ended I'd have enjoyed it more? No. Even if I hadn't known what the ending would be it never would have interested me. I should have loved myself more that to make myself suffer further. This series no matter if it's this original live action adaptation of the anime Itazura na Kiss (AKA Mischievous Kiss), the Korean or Japanese. This story is well loved. As an anime fan it's outrageous popularity normally would have forced my hand into watching it. However, I read the synopsis and some of the gushing comments about it and I knew I would loath it. After many drama fans told me that I would adore the Taiwanese live action and that it was the "version to make any grumpy viewer like it" I went for it. Which is the only reason I pushed myself past episode 1. 5 episodes in was pushing it. The main character Xiang Qin is everything I hate to see in a lead, especially when it all piles up. She's stupid, pretty much begs the jerk of a lead to keep abusing her, clumsy, is laughed and put down by everyone who knows her, and she's down right stupid. (Yeah, I know I said stupid already but it really needs to be said.) She's like this sad little puppy who keeps getting abused but still loves it master. The male lead is the worst of the awful and disdainfully rude male leads that over populate the Asian media market. If anyone has ever read Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling books, he is basically a Psy. But unlike those books he doesn't redeem himself. The problem is this is the series that Jiang Zhi Shu--the male lead--is more humanized! The relationship is mentally and verbally abusive. On the positive side Xiang Qin is a good example of how you stick out, you'll get what you want in the end. The actors all do a pretty decent job in their roles. Even if I thought the story should have been about Xiang Qin smartening up and finding a wonderful guy--NOT THE MALE LEAD--and finding herself worth. I had hoped that it would happen in the 10 episodes that I forced myself to watch(the self worth part). But it never happens on a high enough degree to make up for this horrible story. I know I'm going to get a lot of boos from fans on this review. But I'm tired of how rude-jerky men and stupid female leads are being encouraged and glorified. Yes, I've enjoyed this type of story and plot before. Guilty. Usually those stories have great writing to over come it. The issue is both the leads are unrelatable. The lead is basically a robot. This is a lesson for me about going with your gut and quitting before you start bashing your head in.
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