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Do American men ever bore you? They're such terrible slobs! That's not to say that Asian men can't be slobs too, it's just that they're still cute in their slobbiness. American men have no vision, no purpose, no drive to make something of their lives. At least the American men that I know. Asian men want to succeed, they're trained to succeed from an early age, which is one major reason why I LOVE them. All cuteness aside, the passion for success is attractive.

Now you know why I love Japanese dramas! The "flowers of moe" overwhelm me, but I have a practical reason for loving them, too.

Recommendations for May 2013:

1) Coffee Prince (Korean drama 2007) - From what one of my BFF's tells me, this show is an absolute staple in South Korean drama, and I would have to agree. I'm not really one to cheer on Han Gyul (the male lead) as he comes to grips with his attraction to who he think is a boy, but is actually Eun-Chan, an unfeminine girl. His angst over his attraction to a "boy" drove me nuts as did her LYING, but, still, the show is adorable. It really is. Although Han-Gyul is an idiot. How could he NOT tell that she was a girl? She's no THAT flat up top! Gong Yoo is absolutely gorgeous as Choi Han-Gyul and Eun Hye Yoon is cute as Eun-Chan, but it was Jae Wook Kim as the Japanese-speaking waffle-maker that stole my heart. Maybe it was hearing Japanese in a Korean drama that did it or the fact that he has all the delectable qualities of Japanese men while still somehow being Korean. I don't know, but Sun Ki is my man! Great show, a little unbearably annoying at points, but still lots of fun.


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