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Ok so i thought it was about time i actually wrote something here, so here goes :)

my journey to asian dramas goes like this:

friend who loved anime==>me watching some anime===>me addicted to anime===>me hearing about live actions of anime===>me watching first asian drama (boys over flower korean) ===>journey over to kpop===>more korean dramas===>japanese dramas===>thai, taiwanse and other asian dramas===> me today = a big asian fanatic XD 

what can i say im addicted to asian dramas and i need my daily dosage XD 

sad to say though i tend to like the high school stereotypical romance ones, but then again i enjoy a change to something different XD

my fave kpop artists are:

Super Junior



FT Island








and ill stop there this list really is endless

i also like to listen to Kindie some awesome artist out there you should check the out guys :)

i also listen to japanese rock (because they really know how to)---visual kei is awesome stuff

i listen to some mandopop and thai songs from time to time too :) 

i love pretty much all music no matter the language as long as its not shouty rappy stuff :)

soo about me well im from the land of eng (UK) lol and im currently at university, so cant watch as so many dramas :( im studying animation XD who knows one day you may seen an animated korean drama by me :P i hope so if not an animated kpop music video by me because thats the dream for me to work in korea animating some day ^^

i have a deviantart account feel free to check it out although i havent posted much stuff up lately

now for some random gifs which perfectly show me XD

this is so totally me when i found MDL and also in real life when i found people/a person who also love kpop and asian dramas XD
me while waiting for a drama to be subbed

me in when i wash my hair (because i can XD )

when the drama ive been waiting for all week has finally been subbed

me and my friends at a party

me and my best friend dancing


me and my best friend in real life, we are so god dam attractive sometimes XD and slightly drunk


me beloved pet dog/horse rodney XD


gentle giant



                                                        ❤ R.I.P ❤


me and my fellow kpop fan friend

when someone insults asia/korea/kpop/MY BIAS!

me when i find a new bias ... but then they are taken/to old or young

me when the bitch in the drama gets what he/she deserves

me if i ever find out where my bias lives

my reaction to meeting my bias

me if i ever found my bias sleeping soundly/unconscious (i didnt do it i swear)

my mum walking in on me when im watching clips of my bias

who ever said there wasnt an equation for love lied  128 e980 cut it in half and you'll see it XD

SHINee crotch train choo choo

just because...

my articles :)
may be some other articles coming soon ;) 

well thanks for checking out my profile stop by again some times


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