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My current celebrity crush: 

Cee Siwat <3

About me:

  •  I love learning languages!! speak fluent English and French (cause Canada is bilingual eh), as well as Urdu and Hindi + I can read Arabic dunno if that counts XD
  •  I also love doing Taekwondo (which I started as a kid), doing makeup, hairstyling, and knitting
  • Started watching East Asian dramas in 2016 (the first one was playful kiss which I now think is pretty cringe lol) :^)
  • If I had to rank each country by how much I prefer their content, would probably say
    1. Thailand (first: Kleun Cheewit)
    2. Korea (first: playful kiss)
    3. Taiwan (first: murphy's law of love)
    4. Japan (first: angelic layer--- isa anime doe)
    5. China (first: love O2O)
    6. Philippines (first: crazy beautiful you)-- used to work near this Filipino  bakery and saw the poster it looked cute lol
Favourite Thai actorsLakorn/ DramaMovie
Kem HussaweeSammy CowellCheewit puer kah huajai puer terCrazy little thing called love
Favourite Korean actors
Lee Hyun-WooKim Yoo-JungScarlet heart ryeo100 days with mr. arrogant
Favourite Taiwanese actors
George HuAnnie ChenMARS 
Favourite Chinese actors
Yang YangDilraba DilmuratBecause of you

If you made it to the end of my EXTREMELY long and EXTENSIVE bio page, then congratulations!! give yourself a pat on the back :)


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