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Hello, we're at the edge of 2017 and I finally decided to edit my profile.
As my username suggests my name is Viktorija (no, not Victoria) and I'm a proud Lithuanian studying Political science (even though I hate calling it a science).

As my sister once said, I go through stages of consuming one type of entertainment before moving on to the other. So I've played video games, read books, watched anime, read a LOT of manga, I spend way too much time on YouTube and It feels like not too long ago I started watching dramas. I was surprised to see that I created this account in 2015 - time sure flies by!

Here, have my cat for a break!

So yeah, to sum it up - I'm a person of the internet and you can talk with me about almost anything cause you can be sure that I, especially as someone studying Politics, have opinions about a lot of things.

I hope you will spare some time and read my reviews and comments on my feeds because, just like I said, I HAVE OPINIONS xd But really, I do value criticism and I like my reviews - I did put a lot of thought into them and I hope they can be useful to someone. 

Currently I have rediscovered music. Started listening to full albums. Few of my favorites :

P.S. I have a Tumblr blog where I post manga caps, if you're at all interested it that, please do check it out :) -

As of recently I've become a pretty passive drama watcher but am still always up for debates and recommendations - especially for stories that are groundbreaking and cinema that went down in history! 


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