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Ratings Scale

If I watched it to the very end, it made me care, so it succeeded in that regard. After all, caring about fictional characters and their fictional woes, it means that we identify with them to extent.

9-10: A

From my experience, there's no such thing as a drama that's perfect, completely devoid of plot holes, questionable character motivations, or the greatest drama plague: pacing issues. For me, an A+ drama is one that makes me fall in love with the characters and the world they live in, the highlight of my week to see their lives unfold. and when their story ends, I don't want to say  goodbye to them. As a general rule, a good, compelling story is one that makes people care. Well-written, thoughtful characters outweigh missteps in plot. 

Reply 1988 and Age of Youth

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair

Valid Love and Incomplete Life

8 - B

7 - This is a typical drama on my list: One that drove me to watch it to the very end since it had something special about it, but it didn't lived up to its potential. Generally, it had something special about it that drove me to watch it in the first place (i.e. slice of life rom-coms) , but by the end it fizzled into what people think of when they think of k-dramas: meandering conflicts and love triangles, birth secrets that no one cares about, etc. These days I'm getting pickier on what shows I choose to invest my time in, so I drop them when they start going downhill. 

I would maybe recommend, but with reservations.

6 and below:

Not worth watching, not worth writing about.


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