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The K2
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May 19, 2017
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
This drama is honestly so so good. I dig these kind of action dramas so I might be quite biased, but I read through the other reviews before posting mines so I think this is pretty accurate. Story- 8/10 This drama started off so good and promising. I was hooked and the story was so good. This drama is a mix between romance, politics and revenge. Although I do have to admit, they didn't blend well together. It felt like there were 3 different settings in the same story. It didn't blend as well as the genres in DOTS blended. Anyways, as the drama started to progress around ep 12 or so I felt like the story was getting repetitive, none of my questions were answered and K2 was just a confusing mess at certain times. I completely agree with one of the reviews in the episode aspect---- after I finished an episode I would only find one thing that was new... the rest of the hour and 15 mins was .... idk... during the episode though I'm hooked and like oh yea!! This is so good but afterwards nothing really happened if I reflected on it lol. Nonetheless it's a pretty good story and well written. Not the strongest part of K2 though. Also, the ending for the villains were not good enough... I was not satisfied. After all that they did that's all they get???????? Korean dramas really need to step up their ending game. I know I say this in every review but oh my goodness I have yet to watch a kdramas w a satisfying ending. Acting/cast: 10/10 THE REASON I FINISHED K2 is the cast! The cast is quite strong besides Yoona, I expected her to act badly but I was surprised. Her acting as Anna is very good compared to her previous performances---- she has improved a lot and fits the role well. But ofc compared to the excellent actresses she's quite average. Nothing special. I am an sone btw. Anyways, Chang wook was amazing as always. Ok and now *drumroll please* SONG YOON AH. Oh. My. Gosh. She is the best Korean actress I've ever watched! Usually, Korean actresses have a tendency to act in similar ways to each other but she acted in her own way and her portrayal as Choi yoo Jin was excellent. Also, for her age she's STUNNING. She's a beauty and a rare talent. Love her. Sung Won was awesome at acting too. Loved his portrayal. His smirks made me want to kick him off the face of this planet. Music: 10/10 search up K2 ost on YouTube. Enjoy. You're welcome. Rewatch: 3/10 I don't rewatch dramas I just finished. Overall: 9/10 I recommend. Great great great acting!
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