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~ Kinda on hiatus ~ (+ mood is missing ;_; )

About me?

- I'm not a drama addicted honestly, but seems like sometimes I get caught by a strong "feel-like-watching-dramas-or-movies" mood and I begin watching movies/dramas as if there's no tomorrow (which unfortunately usually happens during study/exam time ;; ).
- I'm not a drama addicted but I'm addicted to Thai series.
- Me 90% of the time: movies >> dramas. Because movies are more immediate.
- Also me 90% of the time: J-dramas >> K-dramas. Don't know the reason.
- I'm so not the type who stays updated on the latest dramas and consistently follows them. I rarely watch a drama when it airs, because I don't really feel like waiting weeks (or months omg) to end it. I may lose interest in any drama before it finishes airing lol so I usually prefer the already completed ones (but I managed to watch many Thai series right when they aired! They might be my weakness).
- None of my drama/movie ratings are given from an objective point of view lol. My ratings are based purely on how much I enjoyed the drama/movie (and I think that's totally fine, there's no need to be film critics on this site). 

What else can I say?

• My first drama ever was Secret Garden. I watched it back in February 2011, while staying home from school because of a fever.  

• My favourite drama ever is Tumbling ♥. Story: 10/10. Music: 10/10. Cast: 1000/10. Rewatch value: 1000/10. It's pure  p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n  to me and I feel the need to watch it again from time to time. 

• I really enjoy crime/thriller movies, be it Korean, Japanese or Chinese. I guess it's my favourite genre. 

• I have the biggest soft spot for Yusuke Yamamoto (you have no idea) ;_; ♥

• But I also have a pretty big soft spot for Nicholas Tse (omg you really have no idea).

• BL stories (awww) are my cup of tea. 

• Year 2015: I discovered a universe called Thai series. The biggest mistake. I swear I! AM! IN! LOVE!! 

• I personally believe the whole Project S The Series (♥) (go check it) is one of the best things of 2017. 

• My current Thai crushes:



• I entered the drama world thanks to K-pop. I like way too many groups. If I were to make a list, that would be endless lol. If you feel like talking about K-pop, you're always welcome!

And...that's it, I think. (I suck at describing myself ;_;)
Feel free to add and talk to me about whatever you feel like talking about!


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