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  • Location: Somewhere between Nara and Chang'an
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Historical Dramas Club

Somewhere between Nara and Chang'an

Historical Dramas Club

Somewhere between Nara and Chang'an

We're the Historical Dramas Club. You may see us around from time to time, posting about the club and our activities. Also please check out our page on the Forums, where you'll find more information about the club and historical dramas, as well as lively discussion from our members!

We are a friendly community dedicated to sharing and spreading our passion for historical dramas on MyDramaList. Anyone is welcome, whether you're a longtime lover of historicals, who has seen them all, or a new fan just beginning to embark on your epic journey. Being a member of the club doesn't come with any obligations, so why not join us? There’s a historical drama for everyone out there! And our members want to help everyone find the perfect dramas for their taste. Though mostly dedicated to dramas, feel free to bring your favorite historical movies as well!

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This profile is a work in progress, so that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you'll come take a seat at our table!


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