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"Don't say what if. There is no end.
What if I didn't go there? What if I had not done that? What if?
 Once you start, there is no end."  


I will pretty much watch anything, and I am not even sure what my favourite genre is, but I do seem to prefer dark stories. If you have any recommendations or just want to talk, just send me a message or request and I'll gladly accept and chat!

I want to quickly mention that English is not my first language, so I am sorry for any mistakes I make, both grammatically and with spelling. 


How I rate:

10: Amazing. Perfection or so near perfection it doesn't matter. I will not shut up about the title.
8 - 9: Great or excellent, high probability I would rewatch titles rated this high. I probably really enjoyed the title, but there was something that didn't quite take it to the top.
6 - 7: Good, but I would probably not rewatch.

1 - 5: I didn't like it, but i kept watching for some reason. I probably didn't enjoy it much at all or it had issues with something I really didn't like.

I mostly rate based on a combination of story, acting, music and personal preference. Personal preference will of course count for most of the value, however story also carries a lot of weight for me. I do not rate dropped titles as I don't feel it is fair to rate something I never finished.


I am participating in the 2020 Watch Challenge! You can find my progress by clicking the image below.

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