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First I am going to introduce myself

I'm a girl who completed her school this year

I'm 20 years old

♥I love many of thing♥


Drawing , cooking , sleeping

This is one of my pic....

 prefer watching anime & drama 


I dislike reading because when I read anything I will have headache but I read only manga
I want to be in the future someone who is everybody
Knows about him

I have twin sis who participate me my dream and 

2 sis younger me and they are very noisy I am going to tell you about my personalty

 I love adventurous thing

I be angry quickly

I dislike sweet 

I am helpful , outgoing , active , peaceful & NORMAL

I scare from insects,high building ,water & coops 

I always get good marks

Third about my anime manga & drama 

I watch any genre 

But ....

Prefer comedy ( to get fun and laugh a lot )



romance ( to fall in love with someone haha )

 school ( I love school - that's lie- )

I don't know but I love it 


 sad ( I love sad story and sad end )


My English is not very good

So I can't speak fluent

Thanks for visiting my profile

If anyone wants to know about me more 

Feel free to ask


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