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Hello ^^

I've been watching dramas and movies since 2009.
My first ever introduction, prior to the addiction :p, into East Asian entertainment was a South Korean movie 'Classic' followed by 'My Sassy Girl' . I hadn't watched any for a year after this as I didn't have the time or proper means to do so in India.

When I moved and had all the freedom XD I was reintroduced to them. Boys over Flowers was my first drama and I have to say I was hooked! This was followed by a Taiwanese drama 'Fated to Love You'. And so, started my marathons of dramas and movies, delving deep into a culture with which I found a few similarities to my own.

I'm quiet glad I found this forum as it's difficult to explain to others why and how much I love Asian dramas. It's nice to meet others with whom I can have a discussion about the series or movies and also get to know what to watch next xD.

My all time favourites are:
Boys over Flowers
I'm a Cyborg, but that's ok
Mary stayed out all Night

Current Favorites:
Reply 1997
Innocent Man
I Hear Your Voice
Master's Sun

February Challenge ^^

1. My Mighty Princess  11. Cheaters  
2. Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost 12. Princess Toyotomi  
3. Hitsudan Hostess 13. Nineteen  
4. The Crucible (Don't watch on a bad day!!) 14. Hana Yori Dango (1995)  
5. Invasion of Alien Bikini (Weird movie) 15. A Werewolf Boy  
6. 4th Period Murder Mystery 16. Always  
7. Speed Scandal 17. Time  
8. Petty Romance  
9. Fly High  
10. The Way Home (Simply, awesome!)  

I enjoy watching good dramas :) If you have any suggestions based on my favourites or list feel free to let me know!


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