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Across the East Sea


Across the East Sea

十人十色, “Different strokes for different folks”, “One woman’s meat is another’s poison” and “All sorts make up the world” are adages I live by. Live and let live.

I have quite specific tastes in dramas, with particular preferences for certain tropes, which will be reflected in my list of favourites and watched. Main diet for the last ten years is KDrama in the romance - rom-com - genre, but while an avid viewer, is not consistent as drama-watching requires certain moods and a drive that are not always present; always in a struggle to cut down on the growing numbers on the To Watch list. I spend more time reading about dramas than I do watching them.

Unlike many, the main attraction in movies/dramas for me are the female leads and their characters and not the male leads (no matter how swoon worthy they may be, and the only exception to this rule is Lee Joon-Gi and his characters), and they are mostly the reason I start and finish any dramas. I love me interesting, awkward, prickly, quirky, strong or kick-a** - and everything in between - female characters. In that spirit, I have no tolerance for badly behaving male lead characters - especially in a romance - and tend to avoid those. 

My ratings also try to be on the more ‘objective’ side, versus my own feelings and enjoyment of a particular drama. So, a relatively lowly rated drama does not necessarily reflect my own love or lack of for it, nor does it mean it is not a drama worth watching. Since I am not a regular viewer now, and tend to be picky about the dramas I do watch, those I start (and complete) always have something going for it that I greatly enjoy, and could be the basis of a recommendation if you have similar tastes and preferences. 

Anything rated 7.5 and above are fundamentally good dramas with relatively coherent storylines that I would not hesitate to suggest to drama watchers. 


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