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 After 5 years still being so barren finally got motivated enough to scrabble something about myself. 

My journey to "Asian fever" started approximately 12-14 years ago, I could honestly claim that most of my life (being 24 at the moment) was spent watching and listening to Asian movies, series and music. I started with watching Japanese anime then I got my first "cultural bump"  of anything Korean by watching Bigbang's Haru Haru and I loved it. My first ever Korean series was Flower Boy Next Door (still a fan of Park Shin Hye to this day). 

My alltime favourite singers: Lee Juck, Kang San Ae, Roy Kim, Kim Feel, Oliver, Kwak Jin Eon.

 Recent Bands I listen too:  Day6, Ateez.

Series I've gotten attached to: {Save me 2}, {Flower Boy Next Door}, {Sweet Home}, {Bad Guys}, {Hanzawa Naoki}, {D Day} ...

Songs that I get emotional over: {Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran}, {Snail- Panic}, {Don't worry, dear- Lee Juck}, {It's fortunate- Lee Juck}, {Remember me- Lee Moon Sae}, {Stick Figure- RADWIMPS} ...

During the years I discovered other Asian countries series and movies too: Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese, Indonesian (The Raid 1,2). However I try to avoid Bollywood creations and Vietnamese cinematographic productions at all cost mainly beacuse the "language barrier", "musicality" and the overall esthetic is too much to handle/bear for me.

If not watching or listening to anything Asian I mostly spend my time watching my "Youtube favourites": Alex Meyers, Strictly Dumpling, RoomieOfficial, Lets Read!, Business Blaze, Mr. Creeps, The Dodo, Swamp Dweller, Serial Killer Documentaries, CreepsMcPasta, WhatCulture, iilluminaughtii,  Darkness Prevails, Real Crime and so on... 

My favourite Holiday Creepy Story of all:

I'm a Pet MANIAC, currently the proud owner of 4: 2 doggos: Mena (7) and Mira (7 months old) and 2 cats: Erik (2) and Turbo (5 months old).

Love baking while listening to creepy stories.

Music of the week (song I listen to on repeat):BREATH - LEE JUCK

                                                                                                     BATTLE SCARS - GUY SEBASTIAN ft. LUPE FIASCO

Messages will always be answered and dearly awaited. 


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