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Nov 16, 2012


I feel like they ended it at a very nice place,while showing a little about the futeure and answering all the questions left behind,overall this drama was worth watching and I enjoyed most of the episodes...I feel like Joongki is also grownng to be a better actor with every other drama,so I will be watching his next drama/film for sure :)
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Nov 16, 2012

Poor Girl...

For a kdrama,this episode was very realistic... I cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!!
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Jan 25, 2013

This is getting better

This is a series that gets better as the story develops,so I hope no one had stopped after watching the first episode :)
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Sep 20, 2012

Love it and Hate it...

I both love and hate this drama...First of all i can see that spark of good chemistry between the actors,thats great. The story is also good but I hate it that its so predictable...I mean who doesnt know how the love triangles gonna go on...

And one thing I really want to say after reading all of your comments is that; You all hate Jae Hee,I get why you do,I also dislike her.But I also get why she does what she is doing.Its called survival.Yes there are more honorable ways to do it,but sometimes life doesnt serve you with the right escape gates and when you take the worst one there is only one way to keep going and thats the way forward,so dont just downright hate a character because they are the bad guys...

But I generally find it interesting and will continue and I CANT WAIT FOR EP 4!!! :)

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Sep 15, 2012


Okay the Eun Gi character is a bit irritating but i think she is doing her job well becz she has to bi a irritating bitch,so job well done. I find Joong Ki role yet to be unfolded because if this is all to hiS character then it would be boring, and Omg the Jae Hee woman is a betraying bitch...No other comments i could make.. Oh and the ending of the episode is such a CLIFF HANGER!!!
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Nov 1, 2013

asdfghjkl SO CONFUSED ;D

I was never torn this much in a love triangle... I want her to end up with both Kim Tan and Young Do ... I also want Young Do to fall in love with Rachel.... I want so many things in this drama...It hurts my heart while i watch this drama :D
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Sep 23, 2012


Excuse me but was the ending scene wonderful or what?

Eventhough I didnt get how fast their relationship developed,and it is a give and take something in return kind of relationship,I like it :)
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Nov 29, 2013

One of the best episodes of Heirs so far,

First of all,

Young Do and Eun Sang had a real convo without any crying,screaming or Kim Tan involved in it and it gave us a little glimpse about how their friendship /relationship would have looked like and it pained my heart!

Plus I think all of us can relate, how hard it is so stay friends with someone you love and cant have,its even worse if they are dating right in front of you...So the whole time I was worried about my beautiful Young Do.

I was so sad for Kim Tan who was forced to go up against his brother when all he wanted was a normal life and a normal relationship with his brother...

We all knew that the Chairman was gonna try to send Eun Sag off to somewhere and that (classic dickhead chairman move) he was gonna agonize the girl by giving her 2 options that she cant really chose from...

I respected Kim Tan's mother for supporting her son.

Other than that,I was just so glad to see a new,innocent,beautiful smile of Young Do,and also a softer sweeter side of him that broke my heart.

*YoUnG Do fAnGiRl foRevEr* :D

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Dec 10, 2012

Liked it but didnt love it

You know ,when you watch a drama,it has this attraction that makes you hook from the first episode,well this drama doesnt have that. Though it has a lot of things we saw a million times in a Korean drama...Crazy bitches,Fashion brand-crazed unsuccessful women looking for rich men,revenge,Korean people trying to speak French with weird accents and so on and so forth... I dont really like the plot so far since its very predictable,but its also unfair to just just yet,since its only the first episode!
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Apr 20, 2012

i am starting to hate all the characters...

Young Gul is acting like a selfish bastard,An Na is just a soulless bitch who is acted by a talentless actress,Ga Young is too in love with Young Gul,the girl has talent but still sticks to the bastard who keeps making only problems for her,plus is really selfish,and Jae Hyuk has loads of money but cant handle business and cant chose between two girls...
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Faith Episode 1
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Aug 20, 2012

Confusing beginning

The beginning was very confusing because they were in a land called Gyeoyon or something like that and there was another land called Yuan and i was like wtf,... Plus till the middle of the episode they didnt tell us who the heck all the charachters were.BUT its interesting and promising and second episode gets better!!KEEP WATCHING!!
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Nov 23, 2012

Just one question :D

Just one question, the set of the drama that Antony is creating in this drama,doesnt it sound like Bridal Mask? :D Even the set that they showed in this drama is the same as the place in Bridal Mask :D
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Sep 14, 2012

A LOT OF POTENTIAL!! GOOD JOB JOONG KI :) sacrifice yourself for a woman when you are about to become a doctor...I dont think i could never be in that much love to give up my my life for somebody else... This drama holds a lot of potential,i cant wait for more!!
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Apr 26, 2012

I had enough of the confusion in this drama

Okay so I am really really annoyed with Ga Youngs actions.Come on Young Gul and others are making her sound like a baby ,I am 19 and 21 isnt that young to make those stupid desperate acts.Young Gul also should make up his mind. The Jae Hyuk has become a full time jerk...
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Nov 25, 2013

Well,it was fine.

I totally agree with everything -yoondahyeon- said above... There wasnt any development whatsoever!! Plus i was very dissapointed that Trash-Binggrae couple didnt happen,and there was so little of Bing on this episode :( But well i am dying to see the next episode,overall i LOVE this drama!!
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