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Love to climb mountains, camping, beach bumming, reading books/novels/manga/marvel comics, watching Asian dramas, movies and travelling around her country and Asia. I've been to many places in Asia already except Japan and Korea, and that's my target soon. So if you are non-Asian or someone who haven't been in Asia, you can ask some itinerary and tips from me, I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Shenzen (mainland China), Beijing, Taiwan, Macau, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. More to come! next stop is Europe!!!

Can speak English, Japanese and now learning Deutsch/German. I got Korean classmates back in college so I can understand basic Hangul (Korean), though I also have some Thailander, Nepalian, Afghanistan, Nigerian (Rwanda) , Ethiopian classmates, but never learned their basic language hehe.

I started watching dramas since 2002 when the released of Meteor Garden 1 & 2 - Taiwanese version (college days, so guess how old I am haha, oh by the way, my profile pic is really me, not some kind of Asian actress hahaha), while movies since time immemorial. I love watching from American, Thailand, Korean, Taiwanese, Hongkong/Mainland China, Japanese, few Swedish, French, German and Brit.

It's part of my life and part of healing soul (+travelling and reading), I'm not into so much pop music though I am more on classical, but I love them nonetheless.

PS: if you love the Asian movies/dramas, I am sure you'll love visiting us too! so start saving and planning now!


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