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How I Started

In 2010, my older sister introduced me to Shugo Chara and i fell in LOVE with it, which caused me to start watching anime. Then in 2011, my older sister showed me Devil Beside Me, which started my love for Asian dramas. After watching some anime and Taiwanese dramas, i got into kpop in 2012 which lead me to start watching kdramas and eventually expanded to jdrama, cdrama, etc. Then in 2017, i heard about lovesick which started my interest in thai dramas, and after watching thirteen terrors i was hooked, 


Korean Drama: You're Beautiful

Thai Drama: Thirteen Terrors

Chinese Drama: Candle In The Tomb

Taiwanese Drama: Devil Beside You

Japanese Drama: 1 Litre Of Tears

Korean Movie: In Her Place

Thai Movie: Phobia 2

Chinese Movie: Alternative Love

Taiwanese Movie: 

Japanese Movie: Battle Royale

Korean Show: Running Man

Thai Show: 

Chinese Show: Running Man China

Taiwanese Show: 

Japanese Show: 


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