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Beneath the galaxy, folded into its arms


Beneath the galaxy, folded into its arms

A long, long time ago, I went on a quest:

Well, maybe not THAT long ago--try 2009. I wandered through that dark and expensive forest called Google Search in order to locate an anime of Hana Kimi. That's not exactly what I foundarrow-10x10.png. Instead, I found dramas, or did dramas find me? Is this one of those "A wizard doesn't choose the wand. A wand chooses the wizard" things? Anyway...

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly, but here on MDL, I'm known as yankumicho.
 I'm 30 years old, from Ohio, U.S.A.

What you need to know about me:

  • I like sports, in particular, baseball and American football.
  • My B.A. degree is in English; I will soon be a graduate student in English, and my ultimate goal is to earn my PhD in Literature and be a professor.
  • I write poetry.
  • I have a thing for eyebrows: a lot of the idols I stan and the actors I love have amazing eyebrows.
  • I love historical anything, so yes, I adore saeguks.

KPOP Bias Groups:

Ultimate Bias Group: EXO


Current EXO Bias: Kim Jong In (Kai) He's Soft and Sexy

Ultimate Bias: Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) The Galaxy for Which the Stars Align

Finally, in terms of dramas/actors, I like mostly comedies. Some thrillers and revenge will catch my interest, but I don't like melos all that much.

Favorite Dramas of 2017


Weightlifting Fairyarrow-10x10.png, Kim Bok Joo

Romanticarrow-10x10.png Doctor Teacher Kim

 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

 The Amazing- Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People

The Only Ship that Matters-Chicago Typewriter

My favorite actors are:

Seo In Guk

Lee Jong Suk

Yoo Yoon Seok


Park Bo Gum


Byun Yo Han


Yoon Kyun Sang

Kim Jung Hyun

Well, that's about it for me! If you have any questions, feel free to message me below or in my inbox. Also you can find me at 

or snapchat at: loverofgalaxies


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