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Hi everyone, I'm still new to Asian Drama I just started last July I'm already addicted to American movies &TV series for many years now but WOW I started my new addiction LOL :)
I'm really impressed with the Asian culture or specifically the Korean one when they do romance and comedy how they are very much alive. 


I only can watch romcom at Korean dramas I can't deal with melodrama I don't love to watch people suffer or in pain and sadness I watch drama to have nice time laughing and enjoying beautiful and happy romance so I can't never ever see sad endings, if you like to watch people suffer just turn on the news please !!

  • But really I have some issues with the k-drama writers I feel at most of times that they're ruining beautiful and nice romance with nonsense like when the parents had to be such cruel creatures with no heart or humanity or using the love triangles in ways that someone has to get damaged forever and of course  the cheapest trick ever of using misunderstanding between the main leads :(   I don't know if it's that hard to maintain the good stories lines from such crap ?!!!

    Most of dramas after episodes 8 start getting black until last episode illogically so I just became very slow and careful about what to watch hope I can find what I'm looking for eventually .

  • The gorgeous ;)




 Prince of charming


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  1. The sweet Lee Min-Jung and the most innocent look :)

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  3. No seriously what is this voice!!!

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  5. I really love Park Shin-hye 

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  7. And the brilliant  :))

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Ajumma if I'm looking for someone to get the main lead for my nightmares it would definitely be you, you are pure evil !! 




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