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Howdy y'all!

Let me see...I grew up watching Chinese movies/martial arts.  My fav when I was growing up was Jackie Chan and Jet Li before they even set foot in the US and get well known and I still love them!

My first love was this guy in the movie who played a young boy that have eagle wings and some big peach floating on the water.  I've been looking for that movie for years...but Alas, nothing...there goes my first love. LOL

Then as many kids do, I watched lots of anime, which i never thought it was japanese since it was dubbed in my language.

There was Daimos, Voltez V, Transformers, then came Sailor moon!

Then I started working and ended up working in an Anime place! So, watching Anime and reading manga was a very tedious work.  *cough* LOL.

I saw lots of Anime! and read so many Manga! Been to so many Conventions for 4-5 years.

Then I learned about Mahnwa! Full House was the first one I read and it was good.  Then next thing I heard it was a Drama! That was the KDrama that opened my eyes...since them I was hooked! LOL

Now I enjoy photography, traveling, and writing stories...I guess that's all for now.

Not sure if y'all noticed, but i really like Yoon Eun Hye! My all time fav K-Actress...I couldn't think anyone else but her!

She's my muse/inspiration on writing my stories...just love this girl!  Bless her and the people around her.  You can check out my stories at and look for yukino78 =)

Nice meeting y'all!

All Time Fav KDrama:        
01.  Coffee Prince          
02.  Goong                  
03.  Lie To Me                
04.  Vineyard Man
05.  Take care of My Lady

All Time Fav TWDrama:        
01.  Down with Love
02.  Drunken to Love you
03.  Smiling Pasta
04.  Devil Beside You
05.  Extravagant Challenge

All Time Fav JDrama:
01.  1 Litre of Tears
02.  Attention Please
03.  Hanakimi
04.  Ouran High School Host Club
05.  Sailor Moon Live Action

All Time Fav KMovie
01.  Daddy Long Legs
02.  Il Mare

All Time Fave KGroup Male
01.  DBSK (the whole five of them)
02.  B2ST

All Time Fav KGroup Female
01.  Baby VOX (w/Yoon Eun Hye)
02.  2NE1

All Time Fav TW Singer
01.  Show Luo

All Time Fav TW Singer Femail
01.  S.H.E.
02.  Rainie Yang


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