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Jun 11, 2017
14 of 14 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.0
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.5
This drama is for the one who are patient. If you don't get nervous and angry quickly this drama is perfect for you, because it really tests your patience.

Rome plays the playboy Kongkai let me tell you haven't see yet such a horny male lead in any of the dramas I have watched,

He is on duty for.. you know what. He jumps from his mistress's bed to his wife's bed.

He's stupid enough not to see the true colours of his mistress Na Prungchat portrayed by Songkhla Pornchita let me tell you she does such a great job that you end up hating the girl.

Prungchat is the daughter of a rich family, she's a model, her makeup is always bright, I believe they chose bright colours on her lips as her lips looks bigger with bright colours. She has never been loved, so clings on men.

Arunprapai potrayed by Hargate Araya Alberta, she's bright, beautiful have a successful career, she marries Kongkai out of love, as her bf impregnated a girl and for him to do the right thing she marries Kongkai, at first there was no love, but they eventually fall in love.

Though it took Kongkai such a long time to understand that he loves Aru, but it didn't stopped him seeing that ugly mistress.

Mistress has done everything in the book to trap Kongai, each time she got him back, and when he finally said he loves his wife, she used the pregnancy lie, to get him and she was nearly successful, whereas his wife is actually pregnant and kept it secret

We do have an annoying maid, a messenger of the mistress, her inside info about Kongai, and she also learns her lesson from her.

We have such a loving & caring mother in law, the other maid, she was loving and caring, she's the mother of the annoying maid...

We have a family lawyer, he helped Kongai w/o all the time for him to give the right decision

Things go pretty slow in this drama, we don't get to see romance in each episode.

But the ones who are patient enough get to see the happy ending.

If I were the wife in the lakorn, most possibly I'd have already kicked his unfaithful ass..

Oh but she's so caring, loving, giving, that she did not do anything to hubby and that cheap mistress.

If not I'd have asked him to get tested for STD / STI .. I mean it doesn't even happen in western dramas, let alone expecting to see it in an Asian Drama is a bit nonsense but I'm only expressing my opinions

You can call me mad, mental but I cried so much when Prungchat became a nun and when Kongkai, Arunprapai and the gay friend visited her after she became a nun

PUNGCHAT becomes a nun after her husband got killed by his own mother.

The temple scene was intense & emotional

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Apr 15, 2019
14 of 14 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
A classical trope that (actually) could have been pulled on better.A Husband torn between the wife and the mistress. Rome Patchata plays the spoiled and selfish heir Khongai gets forced by his mother to marry the food judge Arunprapai played by Chompoo Hargate. These two despises each other instantly, but Pai still marries him to avoid rumors about having a affair with her married ex-boyfriend. A stimulating and passionate marriage starts with obstacles threatening to break them apart, but they still come to fall in love with each other. With a former mistress doing everything to destroy Khongai`s and Pai`s marriage, Pai has two other admirers who earns for her love.

The first half is indeed the most interesting part of this Lakhorn. It has its moments of hilarious banter and humor. Where every character has its part of purpose. The villian Narong is a worthy one, even if he does deserve the ending he got i still think he was a redeemable character as he loves his adoptive sister Bproong with a intensity, and damn what a chemistry they have! Bproong was so self-destructive and mad that it made my head hurt to the bits. The risks she takes on winning Khonghai will frustrate you, but the actress do portray her so well that you do eventually wish for her to have happiness, and she could have that with Narong. But after the second half i struggled to finish this lakhorn, as the storyline took on a more crazy note and just took on bunch of drama to make it longer. Its a thai-lakhorn and they usually are overly dramatic, but this one just made my head hurt.Its my first time watching Rome and Chompoo in a lakhorn, and i do look forward to watch more of them, as i love Chompoo in the TV-SHOW 3-Zaap...her personality are so color-ful and naughty at the same time!

Her portrayal as Pai is done very well, as she did great with showing the struggle and pain in not being sure of the love of her husband. She was indeed sophisticated and smart throughout the story, and never backed away from a challenge. Always having the last word,liked that about her as a Nangek. Khongai is a man you struggle with, as he has the most character developement in this story. From a irresponsible and bratty person, he come to learn about the importance of family,life and love. Through his love for his wife Pai his view of the world changes and he learn to have compassion and patience and cherish his loved ones. He becomes a man who gets ready to take a bullet for his wife and child, thats a true hero indeed!

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May 31, 2019
14 of 14 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This review may contain spoilers
This lakorn has simple plot. Tbh, I dislike this type of story but my lovely Chompoo is the lead here, hence I still watch it. The arrange marriage angle is good but still not pleasant to see considering that our ML has a girlfriend already.

I can't blame the GF, if she turn into a possesive & evil woman. Her lover was taken from her and got married to someone else, thats unforgivable. However, she had no pride & just blame everything to our FL. Thb, I feel so much sympathy on her. She had a pitiful life, if only she learn to accept the truth & value the love her friend & ex lover (Narong) perhaps she might had a happy life.

Its good to know that the FL is not a so weak in character & able to defend herself. However, I still dislike that she allowed her husband's infidelity. She is so kind that made it so impossible to believe. Sometimes, I really dislike her attitue.

I really hate the ML. He hurt two woman because of selfishness. He had actual choice but still tried to make it work by two timing. He has no "backbone" to deal with his own feelings & hurt them as result. By the time he man up, its way too late since her ex Gf became so possesive & hurt her wife everytime.

Rating: 8.5
Will I recommend it: Yes but proceed with caution. Not all can tolerate this type of drama.
Will I rewatch it: Sadly No. Its the type of drama that can't make you feel good. Instead its so frustrating.

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