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Both dramas feature strong independent women who have one night stands with younger men. The male characters have to prove themselves to stubborn women (who are really just insecure about needing someone to love).

Two great shows which stray from the typical cliched drama plots.
Recommended by cherubicwindigo
Both main female leads are single in their 30's
Both main male leads/ love interests are the bests friend's younger brother
Both of the younger brothers come back from a long trip and then is "somehow different" to the main female lead
Recommended by Bri
Same amazing male lead (Chun Jung Myung), both are more realistic than most dramas although Goodbye solo is deeper and more serious.
Recommended by Ganhima
Recommended by Nagy Hanna
Both dramas involve a relationship between a older woman and a younger man
Recommended by Pigrabit
older woman, younger man pairing. main female leads are similar in that they're both good at everything but this.
Recommended by xnopex
They both deal with the relathionship between an older woman and a younger man in a realistic way.They are funny and steamy, a joy to watch.If you like one you would most likely enjoy the other as well!!
Recommended by Aya97
It's about a older girl who get's the younger guy's heart! The female is more independent while the male is super cute!
Recommended by yumizi
Both are RomComs about unlikely couples. Both deal with mature relationship subjects. Both star Chun Jung Myung being extremely charming. There is almost a 10 year difference between the 2 dramas (What's Up Fox is definitely dated), but If you're looking to watch more Chun Jung Myung chemistry, he is equally unexpectedly crushable in both.
Recommended by manicmuse
Both women pretend to know a lot about sex and write about it, while in fact they have never proceed to it in their relationships.
Recommended by Layla-TB
Ban Ji Yeon is a 39-year old reporter who has been focusing on her career ever since she was stood up on her wedding day.
Ban Ji yeon meets yoon dong ha, a 25 year old owner of a small errand center.
yoon dong ha also went through losing someone he dearly loved, making it hard for him to love again.
The two meet in a unexpected way and find unexpected love from each other.
Recommended by LB47
Both have a similar easter egg. I can't tell because of spoilers haha
Recommended by Timbone
Both dramas tell the story of an independent working woman who meets and falls in love with a younger man. Both are extremely well written, comedic, tender and smart.
Recommended by Jeaniessi
both have the main couple as a younger guy and an older girl; the female leads are reminiscent of each other as well. Both of these dramas have been compared to Bridget Jones. I will say the male lead is nothing like the character of Hyun Bin in Sam Soon; he is much more likeable in my opinion.
Recommended by shbeckles
Kinda give same vibe as show is about noona dongsaeng love story..
Recommended by annienas