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Pinocchio Episode 1

8.9/10 from 85 users
Nov 12, 2014
Through a bunch of flashbacks we see the happy Ki family and how a fire accident takes the lives of several firefighters and Chief Ki goes missing. The media speculate the only body… read more

Pinocchio Episode 2

9.2/10 from 73 users
Nov 13, 2014
Ki Ha Myung has been living as Choi Dal Po for 5 years now and has gotten the name "All Zeros" from his classmate due to his grades. He decides to not hide his true abilities anymore… read more

Pinocchio Episode 3

9.0/10 from 56 users
Nov 19, 2014
It now has been 13 years since Dal Po came to the Choi family. The Choi family has moved off the island and In Ha is long time job seeker, having been rejected more than 30 times from… read more

Pinocchio Episode 4

9.3/10 from 61 users
Nov 20, 2014
Grandpa Choi tells Dal Po to pursue what he wants without holding back anymore. Dal Po gets a much needed haircut. Dal Po decides to become a reporter as well, in order to get revenge… read more

Pinocchio Episode 5

9.2/10 from 56 users
Nov 26, 2014
Dal Po lands a job as an apprentice reporter but In Ha resorts to getting an internship job through her mother at a difference network. Dal Po's older brother starts his revenge on… read more

Pinocchio Episode 6

9.0/10 from 53 users
Nov 27, 2014
In Ha and Dal Po start their first week stationed at the police station waiting for new stories to cover. In Ha reveals the real reason she wants to become a reporter to Dal Po. The… read more

Pinocchio Episode 7

9.2/10 from 51 users
Dec 03, 2014
The much-awaited 10 PM slot is aired and the tussle between YGN and MSC goes live. Shockingly MSC manages to provide a credible report of an incident that YGN wrongly interpreted.… read more

Pinocchio Episode 8

9.5/10 from 61 users
Dec 04, 2014
The reunion of the brothers seems to be a bittersweet event as Dal Po is faced with the dilemma of doing what's right or following his heart. Things turn sour as Jae Myung finds out… read more

Pinocchio Episode 9

9.3/10 from 53 users
Dec 10, 2014
Jae Myung becomes an instant celebrity after saving the little boy he thought looked similar to his little brother from being hit by a truck. With his popularity growth Dal Po feels… read more

Pinocchio Episode 10

9.4/10 from 66 users
Dec 11, 2014
After a lecture by In Ha's mom, Jae Myung attacks In Ha and questions how she knows so much about what happened 13 years ago. Dal Po reveals his identity to his older brother. Dal… read more

Pinocchio Episode 11

9.3/10 from 54 users
Dec 17, 2014
Jae Myung goes on the news and is interviewed by Reporter Song Cha OK. He tells her she made a hero a murder and also has made a murder a hero. Then tells the viewers he is a murder… read more

Pinocchio Episode 12

9.0/10 from 55 users
Dec 18, 2014
After Reporter Song is humiliated by Jae Myung other people start coming forward accusing her of also ruining their lives with false news reports. She becomes the center of controversy… read more

Pinocchio Episode 13

8.9/10 from 38 users
Dec 24, 2014

Pinocchio Episode 14

9.0/10 from 40 users
Dec 25, 2014
Bum Jo begins to suspect his mother isn't as innocent as she seems. A case very similar to the explosion 13 years ago occurs again, but Dal Po is determined not to have history repeat… read more

Pinocchio Episode 15

8.8/10 from 42 users
Jan 01, 2015

Pinocchio Episode 16

8.8/10 from 36 users
Jan 07, 2015

Pinocchio Episode 17

8.9/10 from 38 users
Jan 08, 2015

Pinocchio Episode 18

8.8/10 from 32 users
Jan 14, 2015
While investigating Chairman Park's wrongdoings, Dal Po, In Ha, and Sung Cha Ok become targets in an act of terror.

Pinocchio Episode 19

9.0/10 from 31 users
Jan 14, 2015
Chairman Park does all she can to dodge persecution, but YGN News refuses to let up. Bum Jo also takes matters into his own hands.

Pinocchio Episode 20

9.1/10 from 41 users
Jan 15, 2015