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What's good, K-drama enthusiasts? 
It's yo girl, Cass.  It's been a hot minute since I've actually updated this thing.
And can I just say, the younger me was mildly embarrassing and the me now is not that much better LOL.

Idk where the girl who was able to binge a drama in 1 seating went, but I can assure you I know a good drama when I see one.  I live for strong female leads.  hi screenwriters, if ur reading this,  please give us more! 

It's 2020- a biss ain't a delicate flower ok? ok.  

Cliffhangers suck, nuff' said.  screw u  for playin with my feels. *shakes fist in the air*

Disclaimer: I decided to keep my 'how to' I made in 2013 for comic relief.  Gimme a break I was like 17 ok?

'HOW TO GET YOSELF A FINEEEE NAMJA CHINGU (BOYF)' (as taught by 501394013 kdramas)

  • o1. deny his sarang (love)
  • o2. destroy his ego
  • o3. mock his manliness
  • o4. confess your feels for someone else  
  • o5. be suppaaa helpless af. (aka. trip over air && somehow get yoself admitted to hospital)


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