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An underrated gem about 4 women from different walks of life who reluctantly united to search for their mutual friend who went missing right after her wedding. Each episode reveals a new layer of bitter reality in their struggles against gender norms in a society which takes every ounce of their efforts for granted. If a drama series feature the evergreen beauty Kyoka Suzuki, the free spirited Kaori Momoi, it can't be bad.
Recommended by Trang
A band of female misfits on a shared mission. Memorable / unique characters with personal depth. Both shows also tackle misogyny in today's world and showcases compelling female friendships.
Recommended by Jacintha
Both dramas feature women from different walks of life who come together for revenge. Both share a central thread of female empowerment and have well-written female characters.
Recommended by macchiato
both are business dramas with a female led cast who try to keep their businesses afloat in the face of competition. MondaiAru is more geared towards workplace discrimination based on sex and in Underwear these women run a lingerie boutique without anything or anyone being sexualized and the drama asks questions like what is empowering to different women?
Recommended by tropka
Dramas about women and men in kitchen/restaurants. Both are favourite dramas that involve female chefs and their surroundings + their growt at professional level and how they manage to make the people surrounding them better humans trough cooking and competition.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both involve a narrow-minded aspiring female lead and her more gentle male counterpart (as both have the same profession).
Female leads have had dealt with harassment and the surrounding rumors about them and have become fierce.
It's about their work and home enviroment and the way they learn to adapt, allow people in.. and about their professional life with their colleagues.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both involve a young female chef and her enviroment as she strives to become better at her job.. both involve her competition with a male aspiring chef and the way that competition improves their life.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
- Maki Yoko as a lead
- Women struggle on a men-dominated world
- Gay/bisexual character
- I adore Eri-Miyaji as much as Airi-Chika-Nitta
- Girl power
- Catchy soundtrack
Recommended by blueribbon
both are about women who are trying to make it in the food business although Mondai is more melodramatic
Recommended by kate
They gave me similar feelings. Although Mondai no.. is a lot more in depth with issues around social construct, they're both about women that aren't afraid to stand for their beliefs and move on with their lives.
Recommended by Charmingangel