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Well both movies revolve around high school love. The heroines both have something that prevents them from being your average, cutesy high school girl.

Also I think both movies have similar photography/aesthetics (or something); both are colorful, somewhat wacky (pink classrooms, over the top clothing, strange places, etc) with weird characters popping out out of the blue for comic relief (also similar humor).
Recommended by slayra
both about high school students.
Both female leads have a crush.
Recommended by TokkiLily
In both movies Ito Ono played the main role and in both of them she has to learn about love. Also in both of the movies they have a cool fashion style.
Recommended by Anna-M-W
both the main characters want love and feel they have to change to get it! They are also both really funny! :)
Recommended by natazul
There are some similarities in the dynamics/interactions of the male and female leads. Furukawa Yuki also has a supporting role in High School Debut
Recommended by kuay
Both movies are very similar. Both movies are based on famous manga..........................................................................
Recommended by Aoi_Takahashi_12
Both female lead is old fashioned and they male lead helps them become pretty. Both movies have quite many in common. The two movies are very cute and fun to watch! Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu gives a realistic feel, while High School Debut gives an anime feel.
Recommended by apxril
in both movies, the lead male and female are shy, but in kimi ni todoke, the main leads are a bit or a lot more shy.
both female leads are not popular and socially awkward.
both male leads are cool, popular and kind.
both movies are about love stories!!!!
Recommended by Maryama