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The guy can hear people thoughts and on the girl who sees scent she can identify people with her eyes do to an accident both power has to do with a car accident.
Recommended by leila calixte
Both female protagonists got into an accident... woke up years later with a special power... and then help the police solve crimes using their powers. Both female and male protagonists work together to solve difficult crimes, and in doing so, start to develop feelings for each other. There are people after the female protagonist life. Male protagonist protect the female protagonist.
Recommended by JennyNguyen
Both drama's talks about how a serial killing crime connects two people. The action in both makes the story very interesting to watch. Honestly though, who wouldn't watch hot couples fighting crimes
Recommended by tifftiff
They have a lot of similar elements :) The story lines are not very similar but I got a similar vibe from both :) The girl who sees scents was a fantasy drama and You're all surrounded was more action, but they will similar because both dramas have the main character who decided to become a police/detective because someone from their family was murdered. Both have the cutest main leads who work together to solve the murder mystery :)
Recommended by Afsii
They're both mysteries involving characters that have lost a couple of their core senses.
Recommended by IwahashiGirl
Both drama have male and female leads solving crimes and a smart, psychopath killer after one of the main leads. The female leads are both helping the male lead solve crimes. Also main leads in both dramas have special abilities (although it's on the supernatural side for The Girl Who Sees Scents).

The Girl Who Sees Scents is more focused on the female lead who I found much stronger and more interesting than in Love me if you dare, which is more centred around the male lead. The romance is much better and more consistent in The Girl Who Sees Scents.
Recommended by Jajan
One of the leads has some weird power that only they can see. The other lead is a police officer.
Both dramas have supernatural aspects, TGWSS has a plotline at least.
Recommended by Lovely
Both dramas are revolving around cops finding a serial killer. Very good selection of actors and actresses. The Girl Who Sees Scents is comparatively much less violent than Mrs. Cops 2. It is funny how both dramas start off with a scene of the female main character helping cops to catch a criminal around the mall. More description can't be given without spoiling the stories. You just have to watch to find out!
Recommended by Tempest
Similar vibe. Lead has special ability that helps with solving crimes. Watching While You Were Sleeping reminded me of The Girl Who Sees Scents
Recommended by FortuneCat
Male protagonist both lost someone close to them... later in the future, they meet someone who look identical to the person they lost. Both crime/detective dramas. Both female protagonists are followed by people who are after their life because of the main male protagonist
Recommended by JennyNguyen
Kwak Sun Young gets into a car accident and develops this ability of detecting a man's past from his body odors. She divorces her husband when she finds out about his long history of girlfriends. Sun Young then sets up a business where she helps women and even the police track down suspicious men and husbands.
Recommended by YosraCastielleNikita
Both dramas have something supernatural
In meloholic the main guy can see the woman’s thoughts
In GWSS the main girl can see scents
In both dramas the protagonists are linked to a case
Recommended by Belle
Both dramas are romantic comedies with a criminal aspect to it that makes them both adorable and light-hearted while being thrilling and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Both female protagonists use their unique ability to help solve crimes and all the characters are loveable and bring a twist to the shows.
Recommended by Jenn
Both are supernatural dramas. The difference is in Blade Man, the male lead has the supernatural power where blade tend to come out from his body when he is angry. Whereas for The Girl Who Sees Scents, the female lead who have supernatural power who can see scents.
Recommended by YunYee
Both dramas are really cozy, interesting ans mysterious. I think the relationship between the two leads is really similar. The two leads are investigating together in both dramas, and they are able to catch the bad guys with the ability of the female lead in both.
Recommended by hanahanahana