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Signal Episode 11

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Signal Episode 11 Reviews

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Mar 26, 2017

Oh my

For me this whole case was so difficult to watch because it was heartbreaking in every way possible. Maybe it was because Cha Soo Hyun was a victim herself, or maybe it's because I felt bad for the culprit, even though his childhood with his abusive mother doesn't justify any of the killings, but I still had a really hard time getting angry with him, because he was so messed up that I thought that what he got and what he has become was punishment enough for him. Also I was so shook when I saw the scene where the culprit's mother killed his dog and put it in one of those plastic bags and continuously told him (while putting him in a small bag) that that would bring him comfort, because it explained why he killed all of these women in the first place and why he killed them this way. I don't think he himself realised that he was committing crimes with killing them. On the contrary, I truly believe that he thought he was helping them, doing them a favour with ending their lives. He was trying to give them comfort. Do for them what he couldn't do for himself. It's messed up, really. And so sad. Everything about this case was sad and depressing. Beginning with the culprit's past to Cha Soo Hyun's empathy with the victims and to her becoming a victim herself.

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Jun 30, 2016

Perfect balance.

What a perfect balance. Once case ends and the new one begins. The first case is solved and brings up many moral dilemmas. The man killed 11 girls, but it's true what Hae Yeong said, "Some people are born monsters and others become monsters because of other people." Despite that I felt and understood the killer. Which is where the true power of any good writing hits home. But it doesn't just bring up the morals of a killer, but when Hae Yeong had the chance to give the name of the killer over to Jae Han. The fear of exchanging the lives of those girls heavy on his mind.

I honestly appreciated the reflection. Things work out, as far as we know. So it makes Hae Yeong not hesitate about the In Joo case. Though considering his conviction about finding out the truth behind his brothers wrongful imprisonment and death there's no way he wouldn't want to do some rewriting of history. So I found his conviction to let the serial killer not be caught in the past interesting, and a bit of a double standard.

Again this episode beautiful blends the timeline. The present and the past are becoming scary. I really worry about Hae Yeong. He knows Jae Han was wrongfully accused and then went missing. Why would he not be a little more worried? Especially since it seems to have some kind of connection to the In Joo case? Which I'm pretty sure Hae Yeong noticed the date of when Jae Han went missing. With this ending I'm really nervous about how the bad guys are going to spin the story. Like framing Hae Yeong. Things are going to be super intense from here.

(Fun little note I loved how all of the guys in the squad, in the past, new about Soo Hyun's crush. When she left the room and they all quite pretending to be ignoring her so they can gossip about her and Jae Han! Too funny!)

Overall I'm eager to see detective Jae Han and Hae Yeong's brother saved. I remember the dramatic ending of Frequency, and boy do I want a spectacular repeat with Signal.

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