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Signal Episode 12

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Sep 20, 2016

Beneath the stone stairs.

"Beneath the stone stairs."

As I've mentioned before (and maybe a few too many times) I am a huge fan of the movie Frequency. So the big "twist" was an obvious for me. However, I still admire the writer for building up to and finally revealing what happened to Jae Han.

This whole episode has been one I've been anticipating. Not only for Jae Han, but for the full story as to what happened to Hae Yeong's brother.

His brother's story is the sad truth that all justice systems to day still are corrupted by, that those with power and money can still get out. And those who have no money, connections, and means are the ones that will suffer. It's potent in it's truth even as we the viewers wish to believe that nothing like this could happen. Though it has and it does.

This was a fast paced episode that kept me at the edge of my seat. Here's to hoping the writer goes with the Frequency plot in more than one way. Let's save two more people!

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