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8.8 Tunnel (2017)
same feeling... guess while watching signal the writer of tunnel thought- wouldn't it be better if the cop came to the future himself rather than just talking through a walkie talkie.
almost similar dramas
Recommended by TJa
Almost the same storyline just that one communicates using an old cell while the other using a walkie talkie.
Recommended by seoparkang
The mysteries in both plot storys, it makes you question so many things wrong with our society today. Corruption, why we murder.. The plots are 'somewhat' similar in terms of the genre and a bit of the character buildup but totally different in someway. Both dramas are a must watch, and will definitely not fail to please or surprise you.
Recommended by Tisa
They both contain people who communicate with people from the past. They also try to save people who they love with this method.
Recommended by Woerr
If you like drama Signal, there's a huge probability that you will love drama this drama! :D
Recommended by Machiyo
Both dramas are absolutely amazing! They have amazing cases and good acting!
Recommended by Maya
9.1 Stranger (2017)
Both drama are somewhat similar and have a great plot ....if u like signal highly recommend to watch "stranger/secret forest"
Recommended by NNP
8.5 Ghost (2012)
It's also a crime drama that develops quite nicely and very unexpectly. There are many twists and surprises.
Recommended by xXabsintheXx
Director Quentin Tarantino named it, along with Bong's The Host, as one of his Top 20 favorite movies since 1992 This excellent movie (who ages really well like wine:) must have inspired this drama's author in a way It is even said that Signal is the Tv adaptation of Memories of Murder This film deals with the Gyeonggi serial rape and murder case that detectives invistigate on the first 4 episodes of Signal This movie has an amazing cast (Song Kang-HO is brilliant!) and cinematography The rest of the cast is keeping up brilliantly and the ending leaves you speechless The real life case, apparently and sadly the first serial killing case reported in Korea's history was never solved and reached a statue of limitation in 2006 unlike in Signal
Recommended by FadouBebo
Both are crime series & though the story might not related at all, it gives you the same feels: goosebumps & keeps you sit on the edge of your seat since it's full of suspense & unpredictable twist and turn. You won't regret watching this, it truly is a masterpiece.
Recommended by elvirad
If you're looking for another crime drama. This is the one! Signal is more of a thriller, while Missing noir is more of a Twisted mystery Drama with Thirller and suspense sprinkled on top. And by twisted, I mean dark and well thought out murders that are memorable to me to this day. They take leads from very small evidence which I couldn't have thought of. Very unpredictable. Side note:There is no supernatural element to it so its pretty realistic
Recommended by Nick
While this movie is about a husband talking to his dead wife, Signal is a drama about a young detective using an old walkie talkie to communicate with a detective from the past and solve cold case murders.
Recommended by Stoofie
8.6 Voice (2017)
Same feels. Both about crimes, but Voice is a bit more realistic (no element of magic or time-traveling). Also, both use the same font.
Recommended by Bonni
Signal although is based in different cases, there is one case based in tha infamous Miryang case and if you're interested there is Han Gong Ju another dark movie about the same case, I recommend you to watch both the movie and this drama you won't be disappointed
Recommended by mikachan
The main character in both the dramas have lost someone dear to them in a past case. Also both the dramas consist of a group of people that come across each other accidentally due to a case leading them to form a team together.
Recommended by chocolava