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Signal Episode 10

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Jun 29, 2016

It's always the poor puppies . . . or kittens.

It's always the poor puppies or kitties. But I guess serial killer 101 is that they usually start out on animals. Doesn't help that the dogs in this are so cute. Now it hit me why no one thought to look for the "pick up" dog that he used to lure women in. The poor thing was probably sacrificed to his murderous ways. (I need to go snuggle my cute cats now.)

Great episode I really liked that both Hae Yeong and Soo Hyun found the killers using their own methods. It's also nice to see Hae Yeong getting some recognition, and he's learning to be humble to get cooperation. I loved the overlays of the past and the present and Hae Yeong and Jae Han discuss the case.

While I feel like the side cast could be more, they are present enough that they do feel less like tropes and stereotypes. Signal has achieved the perfect balance and pacing from the first episode and I've been thrilled to see it so consistent. While the endless flashbacks of Soo Hyun's abduction made things feel a little more dragging than previous episodes, each time there's a clue to pick up on. It was fun guessing whether you picked up on what Soo Hyun missed and what she repressed.

It also needs to be said how flawless the cinematography and the two eras are represented. I know when we've gone into the past and present. Know year stamp needed.

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