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Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 9

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After protecting Ji Ah from getting hurt, Myeong Soo sustains a minor injury. Because of which Soo Jin, with the video of Ji Ah confessing her love for Myeong Soo in mind, is uneasy. However, she and Myeong Soo swiftly make up and together plan to to tell the other ex-girlfriends that they are a couple. But it gets postponed again as Yeong Jae and Jo Geon interrupt with Hwa Yeong’s wedding invitations. In addition, Hwa Yeong needs the other ex-girlfriends, Soo Jin and Myeong Soo to be in her photo shoot. In the dressing room after the photo shoot, Ra Ra reveals to Hwa Yeong that Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are dating. While Hwa Yeong is congratulating the couple, Yeong Jae overhears that Hwa Yeong dated Myeong Soo and consequently storms off. Later on, Jo Geon, the ex-girlfriends, Myeong Soo, and Soo Jin sulk about their own down-turned situations as a result of Yeong Jae learning the truth.

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  • Aired: June 05, 2015

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Aug 16, 2015

happy ending for everyone plz

I decided that I like the second male lead. For three reasons, First, he doesn't really feel like a second male lead. Sure he is interested in Soo Jin and is trying to break Soo Jin and Myeong Soo apart, but, he doesn't have should I say this desperate or pitiful feeling around him? Second, he is pretty ool. he is clever and a little bit evil, likes to play games with ppl but (and we come to third reason) he is actually a nice guy. he cares for his best friend very much and doesn't like seeing woman being hurt or hurt themselves (as we saw with Ra Ra).
But yes, sometimes I feel nervous when he is arund bc you can't predict what he'll do or say next. What he knows and what not > <
Even thought they all are facing a crisis right now, everything will turn out great right? I hope for a happy ending for everyone and that when everyone is already married, they stay frined is are like on each others wedding photos^^

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