• Drama: Last
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Jul 24, 2015 - Sep 12, 2015
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Network: jTBC
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older


  • Score: 8.1 (scored by 880 users)
  • Ranked: #831
  • Popularity: #1152
  • Watchers: 2,751

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Ratings: 8.1/10 from 880 users
# of Watchers: 2,751
Reviews: 6 users
Ranked #831
Popularity #1152
Watchers 880

Fund manager Jang Tae Ho is a cocky but skilled stock manipulator, who is used to getting things done his way. But when he fails at a scheme worth 35 billion won, his life is in danger as a notorious moneylender, Mr. Jung, hunts him down for losing his 7 billion won. Broke and in hiding, Tae Ho joins the hungry and homeless on the streets around Seoul Station, dreaming of returning to his normal life, until he unexpectedly discovers its 10 billion Korean Won underground economy. The pecking order among the homeless at Seoul Station is stacked like a pyramid. All the money collected from begging to selling personal identities and organs flows up the 7 levels of ringleaders to “Number One”, Kwak Heung Sam, who reigns at the top. Tae-ho decides to take down each level’s ringleader and conquer the hierarchy at Seoul Station with wit, fists, and guts. Will he be able to recover the 10 billion won and return to normal life again?
(Source: JTBC)

  • Country: South Korea
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Jul 24, 2015 - Sep 12, 2015
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Network: jTBC
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Score: 8.1 (scored by 880 users)
  • Ranked: #831
  • Popularity: #1152
  • Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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10 people found this review helpful
Nov 17, 2015
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 4.0
A well executed drama about the underworld, revenge and fighting your way from rock bottom to the very top. More than a regular drama this rather feels like an extended gangster movie with its sleek appearance and somewhat mellow atmosphere. The raw violence and ruthless reality are well portrayed but, at the same time, some moments are very tender. You definitely get the movie vibes, also thanks to scarce (or then just super well placed) product placements. This is not your typical idol drama and you can definitely feel the maturity in it.

The acting was good and bad. As usual, the female cast was extremely weak and their characters lacking. I liked Mi Joo's story but Na Ra was really boring. She didn't have enough screen time either. From male cast, my favorite was Park Won Sang as Jong Goo, definitely my favorite character, he came alive on the screen and his story was the most interesting. Lee Bum Soo was great too but his character Heung Sam could have been more neurotic and special. He was kind of too ordinary. What comes to the main character Tae Ho, Joon Kye Sang was okay but Tae Ho was not that well written as a character. At first, he definitely was the main charter but later became dimmed by Heung Sam and Joon Go to the point I kind of stopped caring about him. He was too vague and at some point I wondered if he was working on a plan or if he was just turning bad and thinking about betraying everyone. I wish he was explained better in the story. He definitely changed and grew as a person, I enjoyed watching all the stages he went through but I really wish his character had been stronger.

Another one who really impressed me was Kim Hyung Kyu, he truly was a ruthless killing machine yet somewhere under all that cold surface he actually had a soul. I loved to watch him slightly change thanks to Tae Ho's influence. Somehow his character was really fascinating and also really well acted, I applause. Lee Chul Min made a good gangster too, he always looked like he had something on his mind and really stood out from all the rest. In the end, it seemed like he had learned something after all. I enjoyed watching his facial expressions.

I feel a bit conflicted about this drama. It was well executed and the plot was really polished. There was almost no repetition and everything was perfectly planned to the smallest detail. There were many interesting fighting scenes, the cinematography was good and the flashbacks were mostly different, they were like sneak peaks to the past displayed here and there to intrigue the viewer's interest. I was really amazed that for once they didn't display those same damn flashbacks again and again and again. The story was interesting even if there were slow moments, there wasn't much romance but I didn't miss it. Truthfully speaking, the chemistry was close to zero and I was glad there was more of plotting/gangster stuff. I guess, Last would have been a lot better if it was shorter and more compact, anyhow, it still became one of my favorite dramas.

I wish Tae Ho had been a better written character, I wish there had been more comradeship between him and his group of friends. I wish there had been some episodes about them bonding and I wish he had spent more time with them. I was left missing the friendship part, that part that I usually love about these kind of dramas. I also thing that Heung Sam trusted Tae Ho way too soon and too easy, but perhaps he was just too blinded by greed. After all, others warned him but he ignored.

But okay, this drama was a bit of distant, mellow, and somehow just really hard to approach. It's entertaining if you happen to love gangster stuff, plotting and scheming. And definitely this drama has a soul, it's very deep. There were no simply bad or good characters everyone had a reason to be what they were and that's what I really liked about Last. It makes you wonder about many things on a philosophical level. In fact, I guess the whole plot was not about Tae Ho but he was sort of thrown into a bigger picture and he was the driving force between the other characters like Heung Sam, Jong Goo and Mi Joo, their story was bittersweet and beautiful + it had that feel of the old dramas from 90's and early 2000, that bittersweet atmosphere which actually has the power to pull at your heartstrings. The title Last makes sense and I think it fits this drama PERFECTLY. Because when everyone else had numbers Tae Ho didn't. Why? He was the last one.

And the thing I liked the most about this show was that it didn't try to moralize or show what is right or what is wrong. Both Heung Sam and Te Ho only wanted to have their revenge but the point of the show was not to show that revenge is a bad thing, it only showed us how greed can destroy people. Who was once a good person could turn into a monster because of greed and one who was greedy in the beginning could turn into a human after abandoning that greed. Revenge, well that's all about the goal I guess. If greed is the driving force it could swallow and destroy you, if the goal is to save something precious then revenge could be the only thing that's worth to fight for.

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3 people found this review helpful
Dec 1, 2015
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.0
Finally!!! after a month's rut of watching some dramas that were just blehhh....angel eyes, and beyond the clouds which was just hard to get through especially beyond the clouds which stars Yoon Kye Sang who is actually a top knotch actor. LAST has re-confirmed my love for just a good darn drama with substance.. This had the excitement,and the thrill of watching an intriguing story unfold and the acting oh my....I was just in awe of Lee Bum Soo....whenever a villian's character and menacing beady eyes can give you nightmares, you know he as done his job. I am definitely watching more of his movies for sure. It may not be for everyone because it is not a rom com with bubbly and gorgeous idols to the premise.

Hobo gangsters!!!!! who even knew they existed. Might sound far fetched and too ridiculous for a good story but quite the opposite. Yes of course it has it's flaws but what drama doesn't. I mean homeless guys driving cars and living in a penthouse and maybe there wasn't any homeless women hanging around either that I saw. The story and acting far out weighed any shortcomings this drama had. I mean as for a gangster type feel. You better believe you felt guns allowed, straight brawling oh and of course the occasional baseball bat and plywood. Really great movie directions, angles shots, everything was in its place. I honestly felt no dragging parts. Every scene had a purpose.

OST- totally loved it!!!! I know it's great when i look for it to put as my ring tone :)

actors who were at their best:

Yoon Kye Sang
Lee Bum So
Park Won Sang
oh and honorable mention definitely as preying mantis Kim Hyung Kyu
actually the whole cast was just great!

LAST is definitely first in my book to watch!

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