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Boss and Me is somewhat of a similar drama like Love O2O. Both the main leads are easy on the eye and although there are many frustrations in the beginning, things get better and cuter as it goes on. Its not like all those dramas with all those dramatic stuff, but it is still a drama so it needs to be dramatic. I'm not saying that it's very dramatic, just a little. You will still be able to enjoy the drama without much conflict in it. Boss and me was the very first drama that I love to re-watch over and over again, so I hope you enjoy!
Recommended by Helen
Both the drama gives the same feel. Not much of negative characters. Lots of cute moments between the main characters.
In both the dramas leads meet in university.
However the story line is completely different. If you liked one, don't miss out on the other.
Recommended by Pras
In both the main male lead met the main girl lead by hazard and took interest in her.
In both the main male lead are gaming creator and the main girl lead got a strong interest in gaming and end up working for the guy.
It's a relation development. Both couple are very sweet and give the same kind of feeling. Both drama will make you smile (Strong Woman is more funny).
Recommended by Imoen
These two shows gave me the same fuzzy warm feeling inside! If you loved one, I feel safe in saying you will like the other, even thought they don't have much in common plot-wise.
They do share the same type of feeling and idea - watching two people slowly fall in love, completely and irrevocably, and once they are there, never waver.
Both couples are extremely adorable.
Both of these shows have the main characters surrounded by great friends and family members.
And both of these shows are #relationshipgoals and OTP!
Recommended by KatiaSchwarz
They are both set in college campus with a strong female lead and silent, deadly male lead. SO good.
Recommended by Jing CJ
Both dramas are college based. The male leads in both are super popular and good looking, and we have the shy female leads. The overall vibe is very similar.
Recommended by Hermon
Both shows have a main couple who trust each other and respect each other so there isn't a threat to them.

These are the only two shows I've seen so far where the male is nice to the female, the female and male are both smart, and they talk to each other and trust each other.

One other similarity is the likeability of the secondary characters. John Kim's team and Xiao Nai's roommates are both amazing and awesome characters.

Both are so cute!
Recommended by Shannon
So although Love O2O is a Chinese drama and Something About 1 Percent is a Korean drama, they both deliver on cute, fluffy relationships. I felt so good while watching both and I think if your a fan of one you're likely to like the other.
Recommended by EarlGayTea
In both dramas the main male and female meet at a school program. And both the male lead is very famous in the school.
Recommended by Angela
Both dramas are school based dramas Love O2O is university based while Rush to the Dead Summer is high school based. The leading actress in both dramas is the same. The storylines give off a refreshing and youthful feel.
Recommended by Tempest
They both are sweet love even though love o2o the female lead is more mature and there is no rivalries .......
Recommended by Lucy Heartfilia
Both are sweet love with no rivalries and the love in the air moments are more in love o2o the best dramas.......
Recommended by Lucy Heartfilia
For me the vibe of both tv series is similar.The quiet but very fierce male lead that has a soft spot for the female lead. Plus a female lead that doesn’t really play dumb.However Well intended love is currently still airing hence it is not finished so maybe it will not be similiar later on...
Recommended by Aijaka
They both are based on the same story, Love O2O is the drama version and One Smile is Very Alluring is the movie version. Honestly the movie version went by to fast, and it didn't live up to the drama version.
Recommended by icy656602
- They both have that 'comic' vibe to it
- Smart Male Lead
- Not your stereotypical and naive Female Lead
- Both stories are really fluff\y, but My Amazing Boyfriend is a bit deeper at the end.
Recommended by icy656602