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Love O2O Episode 1

8.8/10 from 46 users
Aug 22, 2016
Bei Wei Wei is a computer engineering student at Beijing University who plays as Lu Weiwei, one of the top 10 players in the virtual reality game. Her virtual husband, Zhen Shui Wu… read more

Love O2O Episode 2

9.2/10 from 27 users
Aug 22, 2016
Wei Wei is stunned but accepts his proposal after she learns that they can work together for the new PK couple tournament. The wedding is set for in 3 day because it has good luck… read more

Love O2O Episode 3

9.3/10 from 24 users
Aug 23, 2016
When the Xiao Yu clan tells ZhenShui and YaoYao about what NaiHe and LuWei did they decide to get revenge on her during the in-game 'story video' contest. Yi-ran visits her cousin… read more

Love O2O Episode 4

9.4/10 from 25 users
Aug 23, 2016
Cao Guang stats having feeling for Weiwei though she tries to dissuade him. Even Er Xi doesn't like Cao Gaung after a confrontation that happen in a class they both have. Cao Guang;s… read more

Love O2O Episode 5

9.4/10 from 27 users
Aug 24, 2016
Xiao Nai accepts Cao Guang's "friendly" game of basketball until he realizes Cao Guang's interst in Weiwei, then he demolishes him on the court. Cao Guang doesn't give up and tries… read more

Love O2O Episode 6

9.4/10 from 24 users
Aug 24, 2016
Xiao Nai finishes editing their "story" video for the competition, and is pleased when he sees Weiwei's emotional reaction to the final product. The video is a huge hit when posted… read more

Love O2O Episode 7

8.7/10 from 21 users
Aug 25, 2016
In preparation for he in-couples game competition coming up, NaiHe and LuWei go on the Final Condor Heroes couple quest in order to level up themselves. During the quest NaiHe is able… read more

Love O2O Episode 8

9.1/10 from 20 users
Aug 25, 2016
The in-game couples competition has begun, NaiHe and LuWei are able to make it all the way to the final by defeating Zhenhui and YaoYao as well as her ex clan leader and old friend… read more

Love O2O Episode 9

9.3/10 from 23 users
Aug 26, 2016
Luckily Xiao Nai;s injuries are life threatening but he did miss the competition. He feels terrible about missing it but doesn't get a chance to explain to Weiwei because she hasn'… read more

Love O2O Episode 10

9.6/10 from 28 users
Aug 26, 2016
After her exams ended Weiwei rushes to the designated meting spot. When she arrives she notices that Xiao Nai is also waiting for someone. She decides to introduce herself when Xiao… read more

Love O2O Episode 11

9.3/10 from 33 users
Aug 27, 2016
Computer science's basketball team is distracted by Xiao Nai and their department beauty, Weiwei, sitting together that they barely win he game. After the game Weiwei is introduced… read more

Love O2O Episode 12

9.3/10 from 25 users
Aug 28, 2016
Xiao Nai takes Wei Wei off-campus to his office, and shows her his future plans for building his game. Wei Wei sells the rights to her game story for rare monsters to give Xiao Nai… read more

Love O2O Episode 13

9.0/10 from 21 users
Aug 28, 2016
Despite being forced to cooperate with Enchantress and Zhen Shao Xiang in the game, Wei Wei and Xiao Nai come out ahead. Wei Wei is worried about finals, and Xiao Nai heads to Shanghai… read more

Love O2O Episode 14

9.1/10 from 24 users
Aug 29, 2016
After a rumor appears on the school forum that Xiao Nai only likes Wei Wei for her looks, her roommates plan to show up her rivals, but ends up a romantic evening for Xiao Nai and… read more

Love O2O Episode 15

9.3/10 from 21 users
Aug 29, 2016
The school year is over and Wei Wei and Xiao Nai must come to terms with not being around each other during the summer.

Love O2O Episode 16

9.4/10 from 19 users
Aug 30, 2016
Wei Wei and Xiao Nai continue to talk even when apart. Work to complete the demo for "New Chinese Ghost Story" speeds up.

Love O2O Episode 17

9.8/10 from 25 users
Aug 30, 2016
Xiao Nai acquires another employee through unusual circumstances. Wei Wei tries to pull a prank.

Love O2O Episode 18

9.5/10 from 19 users
Aug 31, 2016
Per Wei Wei's request, Xiao Nai hires her as an intern at the company. Her supervisor assigns her a complicated task on a tight deadline, but she is eager to tackle the challenge.

Love O2O Episode 19

9.7/10 from 19 users
Aug 31, 2016
A-Shuang sneaks out for a secret meeting and gets caught in the rain on his way back. Going out to get medicine for him, Wei Wei gets caught in the rain and catches a cold too, to… read more

Love O2O Episode 20

9.6/10 from 20 users
Sep 01, 2016
Er Xi gets bitten by Coffee the cat and Cao Guang is worried she might get rabies. Xiao Nai shows Wei Wei a demo of the game he's been working on.

Love O2O Episode 21

9.4/10 from 17 users
Sep 01, 2016
Sleeping Butterfly is stunned by Reed Wei Wei's beauty in person. Other players in the game are also curious of Reed Wei Wei's identity and instigate the leader to host a meet up for… read more

Love O2O Episode 22

9.6/10 from 22 users
Sep 02, 2016
Sleeping Butterfly surreptitiously invites Wei Wei to a meet up of other players, where they try to cut her down to size. Er Xi finally has everything she needs to make her beloved… read more

Love O2O Episode 23

8.8/10 from 17 users
Sep 02, 2016
Mistaken identities in game continue to wreak havoc in real life, Wei Wei and Er Xi's friendship is on the line.

Love O2O Episode 24

9.4/10 from 16 users
Sep 03, 2016
Wei Wei temporarily moves out of Xiao Ling's apartment and stay overnight at Xiao Nai's. After discovering Reed Wei Wei's true identity, Zhen Shui tries to pursue Wei Wei.

Love O2O Episode 25

9.3/10 from 15 users
Sep 04, 2016
Wei Wei stays at Xiao Nai's apartment, Xiao Nai plans to stay st his parents place but due to a flood, he has to stay as well. After both Xiao Nai and Wei Wei take down Shao Xiang,… read more

Love O2O Episode 26

8.5/10 from 16 users
Sep 04, 2016
Xiao Nai learns that the game is now due earlier than expected and forces everyone to work around the clock. Er Xi gets approached with some bad news, but it's up to her to decide… read more

Love O2O Episode 27

9.2/10 from 14 users
Sep 05, 2016
When Xiao Nai continues to struggle with the game's technical issues, it's up to Wei Wei to inspire him.

Love O2O Episode 28

9.0/10 from 18 users
Sep 05, 2016
The ladies start their junior year, as Zhi Yi prepares for their pitch. They've planned for everything, but are they ready for sabotage?

Love O2O Episode 29

9.0/10 from 19 users
Sep 06, 2016
The Zhi Yi employees take a vacation. Wei Wei receives a message from Shao Xiang.

Love O2O Episode 30

8.7/10 from 38 users
Sep 06, 2016
Wei Wei and Xiao Nai meet each other's parents and begin to plan their futures.